This article has been updated and revised for 2019.

When it comes to home security, there are a variety of DIY tips and tricks you can follow to keep your family safe. DIY tips and tricks can, of course, save you money, but it is still important to invest in a home security system made by the pros. Studies have shown that a home security system can significantly decrease the likelihood of an intruder burglarizing your home. In fact, according to Statistic Brain,

“the percent of attempted burglaries on homes with alarms that are unsuccessful is 60 percent…and 85 percent of police officials surveyed believe home alarm systems help deter burglary attempts.”

For now, let’s take a look at home security tips and tricks you can do in addition to investing in a security system.

Put Signs In the Yard and Stickers On the Windows and Doors

Even if you don’t have a security system installed in your home, you at least want intruders to think you do. This is why you should put stickers on your doors and windows and signs in the yard saying that your home is protected by a security system. If you do have a system installed, you will still want to put up stickers and signs, but make sure they don’t give away the brand of your system. Today’s burglars are extremely smart and if they know which brand of security system you have, they can learn how to hack it.

Keep Your Landscaping In Tip-top Shape

Homes that are surrounded by thick trees and shrubs are a burglar’s paradise. Thick landscaping provides the perfect places for these intruders to hide before breaking into your home. Fortunately, a little mowing and trimming can go a long way in making sure burglars have no way to conceal themselves. This is especially true for landscaping that is close to entry and exit ways. Another landscaping tip to keep in mind is to plant thorny shrubs and flowers around windows and doors. Even the smallest of scratches on an intruder can provide police with valuable DNA evidence. An author with Dengarden states, “Most burglars gain entry to the property through the backyard, which is usually more sheltered. A thick wall of prickly hedging or bushes should deter all but the most determined thief, who will not want to risk cutting himself in the dark and leaving a DNA trail in the yard or house itself.” Some of the best thorny plants to include in your landscaping include:

  • Prunus Spinosa
  • Giant Rhubarb
  • Golden Bamboo
  • Common Holly

Always Keep a Light On

Keeping a  light on is a well-known sign for letting friends, family, and neighbors know you’re home. It’s also a smart way to trick burglars into thinking you’re home even when you aren’t. This is why you should keep a light on no matter the time of day or night and no matter if you are home or not. And thanks to advances in technology, you can now sync your home’s lighting system with your smartphone, enabling you to turn lights on and off in different rooms while you’re not there; this will definitely have burglars believing someone is in your home, which is more than likely going to have them looking for another house to burglarize.

Stop Sharing Your Location On Social Media

When you share your location on social media, you are, essentially, sending burglars an invitation to break into your home; this is especially true if you are away on vacation and posting pictures and status updates revealing that you won’t be home for several days. So, if you want to post all of the great memories you made on your vacation, wait until you get home to do so. Here’s a deeper look into how crooked crooks use social media to scope out and target their prey.

Sleep With Your Car Keys

You don’t necessarily have to sleep with your car keys in the bed with you, but they should at least be on the nightstand within easy reach. If a thief was to break in during the middle of the night, all you have to do is hit the alarm on your keys to scare the intruder away.

The Takeaway

Staying safe in your own home starts with making smart choices, and having a security system installed is one of the smartest moves you can make. Whether you have a security system or not, though, make sure you use the tips and tricks mentioned above. Also, if are interested in having a security system installed, contact Protect America today to get a free quote.