You’ll never expect when you get burglarized until it’s too late. Nothing shakes your sense of safety like having your home violated. Home automation design is a great way to help prevent any sort of burglary.

So, you have two choices:

  1. Wait until you have everything stolen and then contact Protect America.
  2. Get a Protect America security system now to prevent everything from getting stolen.

We’re thinking number two.

Why? Not only will you look really cool and smart to your family or friends, you will eliminate yourself from the pool of victims. Some 60% of burglars pass by homes with security systems. The other 40% are bound to get caught if you have a Protect America system.

When you have the advantage of designing your home, you can think ahead so that your Protect America system installs easily. You can also make accommodations for other types of automation. Let’s look at your options.


Things to Think About When Designing Your Home for Automation

Research all the possibilities.

You can find a lot of features for a smart home, so make sure you get the ones you want. You’ll find automated thermostat control, functions to control appliances with your smartphone, the ability to turn lights on and off remotely, and an automated security system from Protect America. Sorry for the italics. Must be a glitch in our keyboard.

Choose the rooms you want to automate.

You may want to automate a family room or bedrooms, and not the rest of the house. Plan your automation needs to allow space for devices such as cameras and smart appliances, as well as controllers for outside lights and inside lights. You can even set things up so that you get a text message when your kids get home. Pick and choose the elements that matter most to you.

Think about things the next owner will want.

When you want to sell, your automated systems will be a major selling point. Don’t just accommodate your own tastes. Think about what the general homeowner may want. This is a balancing act between the features you want and the features others may want.

Create a budget.

Buying all the latest gizmos and doodads requires money, so figure out your budget for automation. You can get a free quote from Protect America regarding your security system.


Reasons to Consider Protect America Security

We monitor your home around the clock. And around the corner, around the back, and around the front. Using nationwide monitoring systems, we ensure that your house has professional monitoring even if one station goes out. Backup sites take over. Unmonitored security is about as useless as a chimney with no fireplace.

Emergency response time takes seconds. Anything from a break-in to a fire results in immediate notification of authorities. You even get remote control of your system through your phone. And of course, video surveillance of your property lets you see what is going on.

Call us, write to us, email us…we’ll give you your free quote and discuss available plans.

We’ve been doing this for more than 25 years, and we’re ready to protect your home anytime.