Whether you are talking about a home security system that was installed 30 years ago or the one you just bought in a box at the home improvement store, they all work in much the same way.  We’ve provided a quick FAQ on how these systems work to protect your property so you are better able to install the home alarm that will work best for you.


Start with Basic Components

A basic security system offered by almost every reputable company, including Protect America, includes these key features:

  • A keypad, base module, or control panel
  • A door and/or a window sensor
  • A motion sensor
  • The ability to expand and include video, fire, and water alarms
  • Signage for your property
  • 24/7 remote monitoring

The Keypad or Base Module is the Brain

For a basic system, the sensors all come together at the control panel.  The control panel spends its time looking for a change in the circuit associated with each sensor. Your passcode tells the control panel which sensors to ignore or pay attention to depending on whether the system is armed or disarmed.

Sensors are Mini-Circuits

Your door and window sensors have two pieces. It is powered by batteries or by wires run through your walls from the control panel.  One side is mounted to the door or window sash and the other half to the frame. Each piece contains half of the circuit.  When the two sides are next to each other the circuit is closed and the alarm is considered safe.  If you open the window while the alarm is set, it breaks the circuit which sends an alert to the control panel. 


Motion Sensors Use Light Beams

Your motion sensor constantly sends out a beam of light when it is activated.  If that light is disrupted by a person walking by, the sensor sends an alert to the control panel. It is possible to use infrared or ultrasound waves instead of light, but those options are usually more expensive.

Hard-Wired Landlines Connect to the Monitoring Center

When a signal comes into your control panel, it forwards that signal to your monitoring center.  Most security companies require that you maintain a landline for this purpose.  It is possible to have alarms sent to your smartphone through the use of an app with the right control module. 

It is true that some wireless home security systems do not require a monitoring contract, however, if you have your cell phone shut off or it ran out of battery when there is a problem at your home, it’s the same as not having a security system in the first place.  It is recommended that you work with a reputable home security company like Protect America to create an alarm system that offers the best protection for your family and your home on a reasonable budget.  Give them a call today to review your needs and order an install-it-yourself security system that will surpass all your requirements.