You may be at the stage where you are trying to decide how many glass break sensors you are going to need for your home or business security system, so you can be alerted when a glass window breaks on your premises. There are plenty of good reasons to install glass break sensors as part of an on-premise security solution for homes and businesses. When a window is broken at the house or facility, you can rest easier knowing that someone will be notified of a possible intrusion or damage to property. These sensors work in addition to any wired or wireless (more common in modern systems) door, window and motion sensors, each triggering an activity as prescribed by the pre-configured user settings in the control panel of the security solution of your choice. Here are a couple reasons homeowners like these types of sensors.

Feel Safer at Your Home with Glass Break Sensors Installed

Many homeowners want the comfort and security associated with the additional layer provided through glass break sensors installed at their home. These sensors can be active while they are at home or away. That can provide them with round the clock service and protection from possible dangers like intruders or serious weather conditions.


Cost Savings

According to many security experts, reviews and others online, these sensors that can detect glass breaking can provide cost efficiency in addition to security. This is because you can protect several different windows in a single room that are part of a group. Check reviews and other material online as part of your own research.

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Getting the Right Amount of Sensors

Do a window count at your home. While you are out there counting up the windows, check for which ones are part of a cluster or group on one section of the house. You can minimize the amount of sensors needed to purchase simply by only deploying them where they are necessary. Since they can work on several windows at once, you can save a lot of money on the product and installation of the product by doing some simple math and planning at the beginning of the project or prior to getting started on the security installation process. This will also help technicians save time. You might ask them to double check your work however. Consult with a security system expert, such as the personnel at Protect America, who has a reputable and trustworthy reputation in this industry.

Is it Right for Me?

Getting the product and the right setup takes some time and understanding, both of your scenario and of the equipment that is available to purchase. You can create a checklist of needed items to help you through the process, but it might be most beneficial to consult with an expert installer and support technician to find out exactly what you need for your home security installation. A checklist can include items like the following:

  • glass break sensors
  • motion detection, door and window sensors (basic)
  • advanced sensors
  • control panel
  • wireless module
  • software

Get More Answers to Your Questions

Home security installation experts can pinpoint potential issues and other factors as well as discuss cost, benefits and custom solutions with you over the phone, via chat or email.

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