ADT, which stands for American District Telegraph, is one of the most popular providers of home security in the nation. In fact, ADT has more than six million customers in North America. Undoubtedly, ADT is the largest name in the home security industry.

ADT offers a monitored home alarm service. Customers enjoy coverage 24/7 and can choose monitoring packages that are suitable for just about any type of lifestyle or household. ADT offers home automation, motion sensors, digital keypads, and more. The reason ADT is so prominent in the home security industry is its’ decades of experience when it comes to monitored security. In fact, ADT managed to have more than one million customers before most of its competitors existed.

How Does ADT Monitoring Work?

One of the main advantages of ADT monitoring is the flexibility. No matter your security needs, blueprint, or layout, you will be able to find a monitored home security solution that is suitable for you and your needs.

If you choose to contact ADT and speak to a representative over the telephone, you will be able to select from a number of different monitoring packages. Some of the standard equipment that is included in all monitored systems are:

  • Yard signs
  • Motion detector
  • Window decals
  • Three door/window sensors
  • Keychain remote
  • A digital keypad

Some of the optional features are monitoring for internal flooding, fire, freezing, and carbon monoxide. You can also buy a monitoring package for ADT Pulse Interactive Solutions. This monitoring package provides you with remote online access to the monitored alarm system installed in your home. As well as use of the ADT Pulse app.

ADT: How to Add a New Code

The access code allows you to enter and make changes to your monitoring system. For both arm and disarm events, the access code name will be listed on the History page. If an access code is utilized to disarm or arm a security system, any text messages and emails that you receive will also list which access codes were utilized.

There are many reasons why you might want to change the access code for your monitoring system. Perhaps the current code you have is far too difficult for you or your family to remember. Maybe someone you no longer trust knows the current access code to the monitoring system. Fortunately, if you have ADT, it is fairly easy to add a new access code for your monitoring system. There are three ways that you can add a new code: from the web portal, from the touch screen, or from the security panel.


Adding a New Code from the Web Portal, Touch Screen, or Security Panel

When you access the web portal and click on the System tab, you will see a list of all the access codes for your security system. You can click on “Access Codes” and then click on “Add Access Code.” A new screen will appear and you will be able to enter the new access code for your security system. The process is the same for both the touch screen and the security panel.

As you can see, changing the access code for your security system is a fairly easy process. Therefore, you should take the time to change the access codes on a regular basis to help ensure the security of your home and family. In general, it is a good idea to change the access code every six months. However, if you suspect that someone you don’t trust knows your access code, you should make the change immediately. For more information about monitored home security, contact us here at Protect America to get a free quote.