Replacing a home alarm battery doesn’t have to be difficult, but some alarms are easier to change than others. In a few cases it can be difficult to change the battery on the older models, while newer models are traditionally easier to adjust. With that in mind, homeowners will generally want to change the battery themselves. They may do it on a set schedule, or they may do it when they get a warning from their home alarm that the battery needs to be changed. Either way, it’s important to make sure the battery is up to date, so the alarm system works correctly and protects the home the right way.


Every Make and Model is a Little Different

Each make and model of alarm is different from the others, and that means the battery may not be in the same place. The battery may also be a different size or type, depending on the system itself.

Older systems generally had bigger batteries, while the newer systems may operate off of 9-volt or even AA options. That’s because the panel is generally wired into the home’s electrical system, and the battery is a backup.

Changing it could be as simple as popping it out and popping a new one in. Of course, it’s important to read the directions carefully and understand how a specific make and model of alarm works.

The Company Can Generally Help

For homeowners who aren’t sure about the model they have — and those who may have lost their owner’s manual — the best thing to do is contact the company if where and how to replace the battery isn’t completely obvious. Some makes and models have a battery door that is easily found and slid open. Others are more difficult to determine where the battery might be, and in those cases contacting the company may be necessary. It’s also possible to search the internet for people who have had the same experience, as their dealings with the matter may say where they found the battery, what size it was, and how they changed it.


Is It Time For a Different Alarm System?

Getting a new alarm system isn’t something a homeowner needs to do because of a battery, but if the battery continues to easily run down, doesn’t last long, or begins to experience other problems because of its age, it may be time to get a new alarm system. When considering that, think about:

  • how long the current system has been in use
  • how well the components and battery are holding up
  • whether a new system would be cheaper and more reliable
  • whether changing companies is a good idea at this time

Getting a new alarm system may not be for everyone, but for some homeowners an ongoing battery problem is enough to get them interested in a new system that will better meet their needs.

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