Changing the code on their home alarm is something a homeowner might want to do for a number of reasons. For example, if they’ve had a guest over and given them the alarm code, they may want to change it after that guest leaves. Additionally, if they’ve had someone in their family move out — especially after a break-up or other tense situation — they may want to change the alarm code. They don’t need a reason to change the code, either. Some people just like to change the code from time to time. So, how hard is it to do? That depends on the alarm equipment and the company.

Follow the Directions for That Equipment

The type of alarm system a homeowner has will affect how to change the alarm code. In some cases these codes can be changed at the system keypad itself. In other cases, the homeowner will need to go to their computer and use the website to change their code. How this works will depend on the equipment and company. The owner’s manual should show how to make the change, and homeowners can also call the company where they received their equipment in order to find out how to make the change to the alarm code.


Take To the Internet for More Information

Taking to the internet to find out more information is another way to change an alarm code. For homeowners who don’t have access to their owner’s manual or who simply need a little bit of extra help, there are internet advice and information sites that can help a consumer find information about their alarm system and company. It’s a good way to find out if there are tips and tricks that need to be used to make changes. Additionally, it’s also a good way to interact with other people in order to see if they have had the same experiences with changing their alarm codes, as well.

Make Sure To Work With a Good Alarm Company

Working with a good alarm company is important, and can help ensure that a homeowner receives:

  • knowledge and support
  • advice on their alarm system
  • a way to change the alarm code easily
  • information on who to contact when help is needed

Not all alarm companies focus on helping their customers get all of that information, which can make doing something as simple as changing an alarm code a frustrating and stressful experience.


No one who has an alarm system should struggle with working it. It should be easy for people to work the equipment they have been given by their alarm company, including changing their alarm code.

By choosing the right company, homeowners are able to get everything they need and take good care of their alarm equipment. They are also able to make changes that are needed by working with that company, so they can enjoy their alarm system and the peace of mind it brings.

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