Security cameras are a great way to protect your home.

Approximately 83 percent of burglars said they would attempt to determine if an alarm or camera was present before attempting a burglary, and 60 percent said they would seek an alternative target if one was.

They allow you to see what is going on both inside your home and outside your home. This can help to deter crime, prevent break-ins and even allows you to keep track of when your kids are coming or going. However, while some people prefer to make their security cameras as noticeable as possible, other people prefer to keep theirs hidden. If you are looking to hide yours, you may first have to learn what techniques criminals use to detect security cameras. Once you know where they are commonly placed and how they are detected, you can do something unique to keep yours hidden.

Outside of a Home

Most home security cameras that are placed outside of a home are placed in two areas. The first area is near the corners on the edge of the roof. This is the perfect place to mount a camera. These cameras are often very visible and there is little way to hide them. The other place that home security cameras may be placed outside of a home is on the doorbell. Doorbell cameras are becoming more and more common. In some cases, the camera may be obvious, especially to those who have one installed on their home. In other cases, the camera can be completely hidden.

Inside of a Home

There are a number of places and types of cameras that can be placed inside of a home. Motion detector cameras are often placed in the upper corners of a home. These cameras activate when there is motion in the home, allowing you to see who or what is moving in your home. Alternatively, there are a number of hidden cameras that can be installed in the home. Some, such as nanny cams, can be hidden in things like:

  • Teddy bears
  • Books
  • Family pictures
  • Artwork
  • Pens
  • Plants

These cameras are more commonly used for spying on someone, rather than for home security reasons. 

Other Options

Aside from looking around, there is one other way that people can detect security cameras. There are apps that you can download on a phone to help you detect the usage of security cameras. These apps typically detect the frequency and energy surge that hidden cameras give off when they are in use. Some of the apps are better able to detect cameras than other apps. Unfortunately, criminals often use these apps and there is really no way to circumvent them or hide your camera from one of these apps at this time. 

Security cameras are only one of the ways you can protect your home against break-ins. Other options include installing door and window alarms and using a home monitoring system.

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