2019 Update

Although nearly two years old, all of the information in this article is still relevant. It is important to know how to prevent your security cameras from being disabled; scroll down to find out more. 

A security system is there to help you and your family feel safer when you are home and when you are away. But trusting a security system that can be easily disabled only puts you and your family into having a false sense of security, and this does no one any good.

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    The idea behind security cameras is a smart one. After all, no crook wants to be caught on camera, so having a security camera visible is likely to dissuade them from targeting your house, right? But how fool proof is this system when you utilize it on its own? Can the best home security camera system on the market be disabled? What about the best wired security camera system? If your security system doesn’t include enhanced security techniques like perimeter monitoring and direct access to a 24hr security hotline, then your home may not be nearly as secure as you think.

    A blue pixelated exclamation mark on a light blue background signaling warning of insecure data.

    Anyone Can Disable a Security Camera

    How hard is it for a crook to disable a security camera?
    The answer is not too hard. You can hook your security cameras up with varying degrees of back-up. There are plenty that are hardwired to a more advanced home security system, and those may sound an alarm and alert your security company when the camera is disabled illegally. But there are plenty of other security cameras that don’t have that sort of support. These cameras are not too difficult to shut down.

    Burglars have also been orchestrating a bizarre attack on security cameras known as “jamming”. This tactic works on cameras receiving wireless signals at a set frequency. Burglars tamper with this by overpowering that set frequency with a more powerful signal at the same frequency. You might wonder how someone could figure out how to overpower your device’s frequency. The answer is that it really doesn’t take much for a burglar to figure things out. Most security devices, like your surveillance cameras, have a mandate to identify their frequencies. This means a little research is all it takes to jam your cameras.

    You can fight back against this attack by seeking guidance from a professional home security company. Many home security companies have equipment that can operate around the jamming scheme.

    A closeup image of a black flashlight on the ground from behind that's glowing light into the distance.

    Methods to the Madness

    You’ve probably seen plenty of security camera footage on the local news, highlighting crooks in disguise. Or maybe a poor angle of a barely visible crook who finds a way to cover the camera before it reveals too much of their identity. These are pretty basic ways to avoid being seen on camera, but some crooks go beyond that by simply disabling the camera before they begin conducting their thievery.

    Shutting down a security camera is as easy as bringing a flash light.

    A powerful LED flashlight can disable a security camera without ever requiring the crook to be on camera. Of course, this trick only works at night, when the LED light will blind the camera lens. But if someone is out to conduct a bit of illegal business during daylight hours they can achieve much the same result with a simple laser. Most security cameras will go completely blind and be all but disabled with either of these simple tricks.

    A small white indoor camera is on a dark bookshelf in front of colorful books.

    Digital versus Hard-wired

    If a camera is set up on a digital feed, then a little bit of advanced digital tech knowledge will help a crook shut down a camera before they even enter your property line. Some crooks will invest in what is called a jammer. This will cause the camera to go offline and stop recording for a set duration of time.

    Of course, there are a few old-school ways to disable a camera too—and even the most inexperienced crook can figure this one out. Cameras only work when they have access to power. Disable the power source and you disable the camera. This may mean having to get up close for a minute or two to find out if it is battery or power-cord operate. Once you determine this then the camera will be down for good.

    Keep Your Security Cameras Secure With A Home Security Company

    In the end, if you want to truly protect your property, then you need to invest in a security system beyond a simple camera. Find peace of mind with professionally monitored systems at Protect America. Our home security systems are ready to keep you and your loved ones protected at all hours of the day. At Protect America, we don’t believe you should pay for equipment you don’t want. That’s why we offer customizable packages you can adjust to your family’s needs. If you are interested in monitored home security, then contact  Protect America for a free quote.