In 2016, there were more than 7 million property crimes reported in total throughout the entire United States.

Home alarms help to reduce the risk of a property becoming a potential target for burglars and vandals by more than 300%, drastically increase safety and protection both inside and outside of your home at all times.

If your home alarm system is already installed and the alarm has been set off for unknown reasons and you’re asking yourself, “How do I turn off my alarm?”, there are a few steps to take to disarm your alarm without sending a signal to your local authorities.

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Reasons You Should Know How To Secure Your Home Without An Alarm Code

The needs of every home are different. Perhaps you believe your family no longer needs a code for disarming an alarm panel. Maybe you’re moving into a new home with a security panel, but you don’t have a code for the system. Or maybe the code you have for the system doesn’t work. These are all valid reasons for knowing how to secure your home without an alarm code.

Reasons You Should Secure Your Home With an Alarm Code

Having an alarm code for your security system provides homeowners with an extra layer of protection against intruders. Choosing a strong alarm code that’s difficult for unwanted guests to guess makes it tougher for them to break into your home.

There are security options available on the market today that let homeowners assign unique disarming passcodes to guests. Assigning unique passcodes to guests provides families with peace of mind because they can quickly see who and when someone is entering their home. When you pair a coded house alarm with 24/7 professional monitoring, you’re arming your home with around-the-clock protection. This will immediately notify help after suspicious activity.

Finally, take a moment to think things over before you decide to go code-less. Will this route work with the needs of your family? Keep in mind that it’s not easy to disarm a home alarm without a code. Some circumstances might require assistance from a professional.

Access the Main Control Panel of Your Alarm System

Disarming a home alarm without a code is not always possible. It is also based on the security system and console you have in your home. Before taking steps to manually disarm your alarm, it is important to understand that you may be financially liable for any damage or problems that arise during the process if a professional service technician is not available and helping from your security company. Some of the most common steps to take when disarming a home alarm include:

  • Locate the main access panel of your home alarm system. It’s often located in a garage, utility room, or washroom (depending on where you selected when having your security system installed).
  • Remove the AC power to the home alarm console from the wall directly
  • Use your console’s access key (or another item such as a small screw) to unlock and open the system’s backing
  • Lastly, disconnect at least one of the wires that are attached to the system’s main battery, which is blocky and noticeable in most units

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    Check Your Alarm’s Instruction Manual or Troubleshooting Guide

    Are you hesitant to dismantle your home alarm’s console on your own? Then you should reference the troubleshooting guide or instruction manual you received with your security equipment and console. Most manuals include detailed instructions on how to eliminate pesky sounds while disarming an alarm system without your code.

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    Call Your Home Security System Provider

    While some home alarm systems allow individuals to disarm the console even without a security or access code, it is not always possible. If your alarm system does not have a solution available for users without a passcode present, call your home security system provider. The sooner you call your home alarm company, the less likely you are to alert local emergency services that can lead to unwanted expenses and the use of unnecessary labor for a faulty or malfunctioning system.

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