CCTV, also known as closed-circuit television, allows individuals to monitor specific areas from one central location (whether you are using a television or computer monitor). Installing a CCTV system is ideal whether you are interested in adding a layer of protection to your home, business, or another property you own. CCTV systems are also capable of recording over time, which is necessary in most cases when pursuing a burglar or tracking down a suspect for any reason. Knowing how to properly install a CCTV security system is a way to save time while allowing you to monitor your property and its surroundings as quickly as possible. 


Preparing Your Home

Before selecting a CCTV security system that is ideal for your home, it is important to consider and take note of the following:

  • The overall square footage of your home along with the number of floors you are looking to protect
  • How much of the outside and exterior of your home are you seeking to protect
  • Which rooms you want to protect as part of your main security system
  • The location of all doors and windows you want to add motion detectors to, if any
  • Which outdoor areas are obstructed from your everyday view that you would like to monitor and record
  • Do you require assistance and a walkthrough when installing your security system?
  • How important is a monitoring system to be active at all times, even when you are away from your home or place of business?

Choosing the Right Bundle for You

Once you have a clearer understanding of the number of security cameras you need, determine whether wired or wireless technology is the ideal fit for your household. Are you looking to record and save backups of the video you capture? Opt for a security camera system that also includes a DVR setup if possible. Compare prices, plans, and the type of equipment from companies you trust to move forward confidently once you have made a decision. It is also important to consider whether or not you may require additional help and assistance in terms of installation and getting your system up and running once it has arrived.

With more than 2.1 million burglaries throughout the United States in 2010, investing in a home security system is highly recommended regardless of the neighborhood, city, or community you live in today.


Installation Instructions and Guidance Available

While some CCTV security cameras are "DIY" systems that do not offer additional assistance and monitoring, there are also alternative solutions that make it much simpler. Choosing a service that provides CCTV cameras and DVR systems while also offering guidance with installation and setup is a must if you are not entirely tech-savvy or if you are unsure of where to begin once you receive the devices you have purchased. With the proper assistance and guidance during the setup process, get your system up and running in as little as 30 minutes so you are able to begin monitoring your home or place of business immediately.

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