Installing a home alarm system is not only beneficial to protect your property from potential burglaries, but it is also useful to reduce the risk of emotional and mental trauma that often stems from becoming a victim of property crimes. With the right home alarm system, gain peace of mind while feeling confident that you are capable of keeping your family and household safe at all times. When you are thinking of installing a home alarm system but want to do so on your own without the aid of professional installers, there are a few factors to keep in mind before purchasing the equipment you need and getting started. 


Consider the Placement of Your Home Security Equipment

Choosing the correct placement of your home security equipment is vital to ensure you are protecting the entire parameter of your property (especially if you are installing exterior cameras). Without exterior cameras in place, your home is much more likely to experience theft and potential burglaries.

Homes that do not have a security system installed are up to 300% more likely to become targets of vandals and burglars who are seeking out "easy targets".

Consider the type of security equipment you are most interested in mind. Some of the most popular security systems include:

  • Main access control panels for quick arming, disarming and changing of settings you have in place. 
  • CCTV cameras (live video surveillance)
  • Motion detectors and sensors available for doors and windows
  • Cameras that record sound, move (tilts and pans), and detects motion
  • Key fobs for even easier access into your home when you are not near your main access control panel

Read Instruction Manuals

If you are using DIY security equipment, be sure to reference any instruction manuals or troubleshooting guides you have available to determine the best course of action for a proper installation. If you do not have an instruction manual handy, search online for walkthroughs or downloadable PDF files for more details on the specific make and model of your security equipment. 


Call Your Home Security Company Directly

With a company such as Protect America, professional service representatives are readily available to answer your call in order to walk you through the installation process of your equipment in your home. Once you have installed your equipment, your service will then be activated. In some cases, security companies require a direct phone call to complete your installation while getting your system up and running live. 

Having an alarm system you can trust and rely on is essential whether you plan to solely install exterior cameras or if you are interested in a fully-equipped household (both inside and out). Looking to get started with a home security service that guarantees satisfaction, eliminates installation costs, and provides 24/7 customer service? Get in touch with for more information regarding our DIY installation plans along with the equipment we have to offer. Request a free quote with Protect America to gather all of the information necessary for you to make an investment decision you feel comfortable with immediately.