Home burglaries occur every 40 seconds. So, it’s imperative that you install a home security system to prevent unauthorized intrusions. When you install a system, you will usually want to purchase the monitoring service that comes along with the system. Some homeowners decide to cancel the service after years of protection. In this case, if there is a problem with the equipment they may be on their own. If you need to reset your home alarm, there are some resources that you can turn to in the event your former alarm company can’t or won’t help.


Home Security Monitoring Services

Security companies make the majority of their income from monitoring services. This can offer you a great deal of comfort when you are away from home or at night when you and your family are asleep. They are able to contact authorities if an alarm is triggered or if a fire is detected. Many companies also offer remote monitoring, which lets you can view security cameras throughout your home. You will also be alerted immediately when a door or window is opened. Another good reason to keep your monitoring company is to help you when there are false alarms or when you need to reset your system. If you are no longer with the company, they may only hold on to your information for a short period of time.

What You Can Do

So, you’ve decided to cancel your monitoring service and now you need to reset your alarm. The first thing you should do is contact the company. If they still have your information, they may be able to help you. If not, gather information about your system.

  • Make
  • Model number
  • Serial number

Check your master control panel for this information. It is usually in a locked box located in a closet, basement, or garage.


Go To the Manufactures Website

Once you’ve gathered your system’s basic information, go the manufacturer’s website. For example, if you are using a system provided by Protect America, one of your control panels may be a Simon XTi made by Interlogix. You would go to the Interlogix site and find the product you have, the Simon XTi. Click on the product and find the Downloads section. When you open on the Downloads, you will see a list of tools and interactive content. Download the Installation Guide and then find how to reset the memory to default. You can also go to ProtectAmerica.com and find the installation guide through the product support site.

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