Making the Most of Your System’s Safety Features: Setting Your Door Chime

Don’t let this valuable feature languish unused! Every homeowner should know if someone opens the door—workers, perhaps, who might let the cat out if you’re not aware of the door activity. Some families have toddlers or kids needing extra safety. So, who can your chime protect?

  • Elders! More than half of people with Alzheimer’s disease, the National Alzheimer’s Association estimates, wander and become disoriented, even in familiar surroundings. Sometimes, they leave the house at night.
  • Pets! All too many people know the heartache of the loss of a pet who wandered through an open door.
  • You, if someone might forget the risks of opening the door to a stranger, heaven forbid. At Protect America, we’re dedicated to protecting your home and everyone who is (legitimately) in it!

Help keep your loved ones safe—young and old, two-legged and four-legged. Rest assured you’ll hear what’s going on even if they’re dashing in and out of sight.

How to Set the Chime

OK, now that we’ve explained how very important this feature can be, let’s get down to work. It’s easy to set your door chime:

  • On your control panel, you’ll find four rows of control buttons:
  • 2. CODE
  • Press CHIME DOOR
  • Done. Now, you’ll know when someone opens any of your protected windows or doors. A beep will alert you.

More details appear in your manual.

Set or Adjust Your Chime Using Simon XTi

  • To use your interactive Android or iPhone/Android control, go to the settings menu by tapping the little gear icon in your main menu.
  • The chime will be the fourth listed function.
  • The on button easily sets your chime, showing a green “on” indicator.
  • Your settings menu’s second page shows “motion chime” at the top, and allows you to turn the motion detector on or off.
  • On the third page, find the volume arrows; the loudest setting is on when all four white bars are visible.

SimonXT Offers Three Choices for Chime Sounds

  • Voice: You’ll hear the sensor name.
  • Soft Bell: A gentle door bell.
  • Loud Bell: Great when the kids are playing!

More on this, and disabling your chime, here. A chime is just one feature you’ll want for the highest value in monitored home security.

Monitored Home Security Is Important

Remember what we found in our Home Security Showdown?

Monitored home security is the only all-inclusive option on the market. The promise of an actual response from authorities during emergencies provides true peace of mind. You can’t place a price on a protected home and family.

Monitoring is the key for strong protection. Should an incident occur, a signal alerts security experts, who will call you for your go-ahead, then notify authorities.

You’re always in control. Our automated home protection system’s cutting-edge smart panel integrates Alexa, the personal assistant that works with Amazon Echo and Echo Dot.

Protecting Homes and Families Is Our Mission

Know how to minimize the the possibility of family family members wandering out of their safety zone—or strangers wandering in. We hope this tour of Protect America’s chime feature explains its value.

Questions? Call 1-888-951-5136, or request your complimentary quote from Protect America today.