Burglaries in the United States in 2015 cost citizens just shy of $4 billion in property losses. In addition to theft, burglaries can cause long-term emotional trauma, which is why it is vital to set your alarm system as soon as you receive your equipment. Alarm systems vary greatly with the setup required by each in order to begin monitoring properly. Whether you have purchased a home monitoring service or you are installing security equipment on your own, setting up the system is always required.  When you want to set your home alarm system, there are a few steps to take in order to get your setup running and working in less time.

Schedule an Installation Date

Schedule an Installation Date

If you have a company that installs your equipment and you have already paid an installation fee, call your provider directly to schedule a service date. Many companies that provide installation are also available to walk you through the process of activating your home security alarm system.

Locate the Guide Available From Your Security System Provider

Locate guides and manuals provided by your home alarm system company or the manufacturers of your home security equipment. Many installation and setup guides include “Getting Started” manuals to create and set a passcode when programming your alarm for the first time. In some instances, a phone call directly to your home alarm system provider may be required for verification purposes during this process.

Keep these few tips in mind when selecting a numerical passcode for your home alarm system:

  • Avoid using common strings of numbers such as 1111, 0000, 1234, 4321, etc.
  • Avoid selecting a passcode that is your birthday or a birthday of a loved one
  • Skip out on repeating numbers in your password (5050, 2020, 1010)
  • Do not choose a passcode that mimics debit card or ATM pins
  • Select a number that is random and requires you to focus on remembering it at first (keeping it more secure from others)

Security Codes and Password Activations

Security Codes and Password Activations

Depending on the home alarm system you are using, security codes and password activations may help to boot and properly program your home alarm system for the first time. Check the instruction manual or provided guide included with your security equipment to determine if it is possible to complete your alarm system’s setup using a password or security code chosen while setting up your service.

Read and Follow Instructions for DIY Home Security Systems

When you want to set your alarms at various times of the day depending on whether or not you are home, thoroughly read and follow instructions that are provided with the cameras and devices you purchase.

There may also be guides available on the official website of your home alarm system provider,

Call Your Home Alarm Service Provider Directly

If you have chosen to work with a home alarm company that allows DIY installation but provides customer support and assistance, calling your security service directly can help to complete your system’s setup process.

Setting up your own home alarm system may seem daunting and overwhelming, but it is possible by utilizing resources provided both online and from the security company you have selected itself. Looking for the right home alarm system for your household? Contact ProtectAmerica to learn more about what home alarm protection plans we have for you along with a free quote today!