With a security system, one of the components a homeowner might get is a flood sensor. These sensors are great ways to reduce problems like too much water getting into the basement or a burst pipe. Without a sensor it can be difficult for a homeowner to know if there’s a problem — especially if they’re away from home when the issue occurs. But one concern they might have is whether the flood sensor is still working properly. These sensors can and do eventually wear out, and they can fail and sometimes have glitches. Testing a flood sensor regularly is important for a homeowner’s peace of mind.

There’s a button on most flood sensors that’s used to test the system, and it’s this button that the homeowner will want to press. It’s not a good idea to put water on the sensor to test it, although that can be done. Sometimes a sensor becomes damaged after use and needs to be replaced, so watering a flood sensor could mean that the homeowner will need to get a new one — and that defeats the purpose of the test. Following the manufacturer’s instructions for testing a flood sensor is generally a better choice.

Testing a Flood Sensor is Important

Why test a flood sensor? Because it’s not possible to tell if it’s working correctly otherwise. Most flood sensors continue to work properly most of the time, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes these sensors fail, and without testing them a homeowner won’t know that the sensor didn’t work the way it’s supposed to. But the sensor has to be tested right, or there will be issues that have to be faced like damage to the sensor and related types of problems.

Fortunately, the sensor isn’t hard to test, and that can make it easier for homeowners to test a flood sensor and make sure it works right.

If there’s a problem detected, that’s when a homeowner should start troubleshooting the sensor so they can find out what the actual problem is. A reset may be needed, or it’s possible the sensor will actually have to be replaced.

How Often Should a Flood Sensor be Tested?

A good system for home security can give a homeowner a lot of peace of mind, but not if the sensors that come with it aren’t working right. A homeowner probably doesn’t want to test the sensors all the time, because the point of the system is to rely on it to work correctly. But testing the sensors once a month, for example, is a good way to make sure that they’re working the way they should be. If a homeowner finds a problem, it’s likely not a problem that’s been going on for too long of a period of time before being detected and fixed.

Selecting a Security Company With Good Flood Sensors

Having good flood sensors matters, but if there’s a security company backing them then the homeowner wants to make sure the company is good, as well. That’s why it’s so important to choose a security company that offers:

  • good customer service
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • ease of installation
  • high quality equipment
  • fast response times

With all of that going for them, any security company can be a great choice. Having a monitored system that includes flood sensors adds to peace of mind, and can make things easier for a homeowner who already has a busy schedule. When a homeowner doesn’t have to worry about their security system anymore, they will have true peace of mind.

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