Testing the components of a security system means making sure they’re all working properly together. There are a lot of different devices in that system in some cases — but that mostly depends on the size of the house and the things the homeowner has chosen to incorporate. No matter how big or complicated the system is, though, it probably has glass break sensors to detect broken windows or glass doors. These are a very valuable asset to any security system, because they can easily detect when there’s damage to the glass. They “hear” the noise, and then sound the alarm alerting the homeowner to the problem.

But how does the homeowner know if their glass break sensors are working right? Or at all? They don’t, unless the sensors go off — and that’s generally not a good thing. Fortunately, there are also ways to test these sensors and determine if they’re working without breaking any glass at all. Similar pitches and frequencies will also set off these sensors, and there are apps and websites that will reproduce these noises for the homeowner. That can help them test their glass break sensor and make sure it’s working properly, without doing any damage to the house — and that leads to having more peace of mind.

Testing a Glass Break Sensor Is Very Important

Once a home security system is set up, a homeowner might not give another thought to it beyond arming and disarming the system. But is everything working the right way? How do they know? The short answer is that they don’t know — unless they test the system periodically.

One of the main things that needs to be tested is the glass break sensor, since it’s often one of the sensors that doesn’t get accidentally activated or triggered with a false alarm too often.

Only certain noises can trigger the sensor, and with that in mind it’s vital that a homeowner test it periodically to make sure it’s working right. There are usually lights that can indicate if there’s a problem, but that’s no guarantee. Testing the sensor is the only real way to be sure that it’s still working like it’s supposed to be.

Not All Noises Are Good Choices for Sensor Testing

The types of sensors that are used in a home security system are all important, and they require different types of sensors. Some of these are the glass break sensors, and they need the right noises to react correctly. The wrong types of noises won’t trigger them, which could lead a homeowner to mistakenly think that the sensor isn’t working the way it should be. In reality it may be working just fine, but the kind of noise that will set it off is a very important aspect of how the homeowner tests the system correctly.


Talking to a Home Security Company Can Help

There are many ways to get guidance with how to test a glass break sensor, and one of them is to talk with the security company that installed the system. Any security company a homeowner chooses should also offer options like high quality equipment and ease of installation, along with:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • strong customer support
  • quick alarm response times

There’s more to a security company than just installing sensors and monitoring a system. For a homeowner who has questions, the security company should be there and be able to help that homeowner do everything they need to do for their peace of mind.

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