So you want to set a goal for yourself. Maybe you want to shift your life in a new direction or make improvements where things are lacking. Let your Amazon Echo help. Keep reading to learn how to use the Amazon Echo Dot to meet your goals.

Sure, sitting down to make a list of goals is the first step to success. So is using your Amazon Echo Dot.

Writing your goals down is a form of accountability. It motivates you to complete them so you can scratch them off, pat yourself on your back and move on to the next big hurdle in your life. But the Amazon Echo Dot can help get you to the finish line. From adopting a healthier lifestyle to opening yourself up to a world of knowledge, the Echo Dot can do it all.

How to Use the Amazon Echo Dot for Fitness

It doesn’t matter if your fitness goal is to just walk a few steps more each day or try out an entirely new workout, the Amazon Echo Dot can help make things easier. Just activate your Alexa Skills to transform your Echo Dot into a virtual trainer. If not a trainer, then at least a resource for helpful fitness and nutritional tips. Some of the best skills you can use to meet your fitness goal are the 7-Minute Workout, ALOP Pilates Class, Fitness Guru and the 5-Minute Plank Workout. Each of these skills makes working out in the comfort of your home not only possible but efficient too. That means you no longer have to stress out about not signing up for that pricey gym membership.

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Alexa, Help Me Stay On Top Of My Schedule

The most basic and quintessential way you can stay organized with your Echo Dot is through its integration with your digital calendar, like the Google calendar. This lets you ask Alexa when your next big meeting is at the office or when your kids have their annual checkup at the doctor. Connecting Alexa to your calendar means you don’t have to flip through your agenda, scroll through your phone or sort through emails for an answer. Instead, Alexa can provide you with the information you need in seconds.

The same goes for setting up reminders. Saying, “Alexa, remind me at 7:00 p.m. to turn off the crockpot” will help those of us who are more keen on forgetting the little things.

If you like to use other organizational applications, like Evernote or Todoist, you can still access them with your Echo Dot. To set these applications up with your smart speaker, you’ll need a little help from IFTTT.

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Use The Amazon Echo Dot To Learn More

If you’re looking to fill your brain with more knowledge, try doing so with your smart speaker. The Amazon Echo Dot has access to a range of skills and apps that can enhance your learning experience.

Sometimes we come across the most intriguing questions at random moments of our day. Like when you’re cooking spaghetti and suddenly want to know where bolognese sauce came from. Just say “Alexa, ask Wikipedia where in Italy Bolognese sauce is from” and Alexa will tell you. If you need to convert measurements, the Echo Dot can share her knowledge with you upon command. And because Alexa also operates as a calculator, you can use her to learn and solve different calculations.

If you stumble upon an unfamiliar word in a book you’re reading, you can use Alexa for quick definitions thanks to her built-in dictionary. Or if you’re studying a new language, install the Translated skill. This gives you access to translations in 37 languages. You can also ask Alexa to slow down her recitation to help give you more time to practice enunciation.

Finally, improve your spelling and reduce your typos with Alexa’s spell-checking services.

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Take Better Care of Yourself

If one of your goals is to take better care of yourself, you can do so by connecting your Amazon Echo Dot to your security system. This integration makes arming your home at night or on your way out in the morning easier. Installing the skill onto your Echo Dot is another way you can stay on top of your security. This includes locking the front door or closing the garage. You can also communicate with other smart devices in your home, like thermostats and light bulbs. This limits the number of times you have to stop what you’re doing to dash over to these devices. Other cool features you can enjoy with Alexa include security questions like, “Alexa, is the front door unlocked?” or “Alexa, is my security system disarmed?”

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