The security of your home is incredibly important. Purchasing security cameras for your home has become increasingly popular. Home surveillance is a great way to figure out what’s going on in your house when you’re not there. A security camera will be able to capture evidence of theft, intruders, break-ins, and even suspicious people roaming around house perimeters. Being able to document evidence will provide you with an advantage in catching criminals to keep you and your family safe.

There are many different types of security cameras on the market today. Some of these security cameras include infrared cameras, outdoor cameras, wireless cameras, night vision cameras, and high definition cameras. However, one question that you may have is how can one can view footage from video security cameras over the Internet.

How To Stream Your Security Camera Footage

Undoubtedly, being able to view footage online is one of the most important aspects of security cameras. Before you learn how to do this, you need to understand what remote viewing means. Remote viewing involves having hidden home security cameras set up so that you can monitor your house while you’re at work or doing errands. In the past, you would need to return home in order to look at the footage. However, remote viewing allows you to look at all the video footage from your laptop, smartphone, or tablet. This will be possible no matter where you are as long as you have Internet.

When you’re away from home, at work, or enjoying life while on a vacation, you can count on these security cameras to protect your house. Even if you’re in the most remote area of the world, as long as you have Internet connection, you will be able to feel relaxed while you’re away by checking on your home.

Setting Up the Camera and Remote Viewing

In order to enable remote viewing, you need set up all the security cameras. You should install the security cameras in places that are most likely to be broken in. Be sure the security cameras are installed in strategic positions. You should create an entire plan for your home. This plan should consist of a surveillance diagram.


Choosing Security Cameras

Choose from the many different types of security cameras, such as wired cameras, wireless cameras, indoor cameras, outdoor cameras, and motion sensing cameras. Just make sure that you pick cameras that support the “remote viewing” feature. The camera should have wide angle of viewing when you install the camera. That way, you don’t need as many cameras to cover your home. The camera needs a power source once it is mounted on the wall. So that you have a good view of the footage, you should connect the DVR to the security camera and the cables you use should be efficient enough to make transmission possible.

The main things that you will need to view the footage online are security cameras, security DVR, Internet connectivity, a web browser, and a router.

Undoubtedly, viewing security cameras over the Internet is very convenient and helpful if you care about the security of your home and the safety of you and your family members. For more information about how to view security cameras over the Internet, don’t hesitate to contact us. Interested in monitored home security? Get a free quote from Protect America.