Window sensors are important to any security system and the peace of mind that the homeowner is looking for. But without understanding how these sensors work it’s possible that the homeowner will miss crucial information. That could lead to the sensors not being installed correctly or not being maintained the right way, and when that happens the right system for home security can quickly turn into one that’s not actually keeping the homeowner protected. There’s no point in having a system that doesn’t protect the homeowners — and there’s certainly no point in paying for monitoring for that system, either.


But a window sensor doesn’t have to be complicated. They generally work the same way door sensors do, in that they sound an alarm when a window is opened. This quickly tells the homeowner that someone is accessing the house, and that can mean a break in is occurring. Because these sensors are very sensitive they can sometimes have false alarms, but they generally work well and offer a good level of protection. Especially for ground-floor windows or large houses, these window sensors can be the right choice as long as they’re maintained and monitored properly by the homeowner and security company.

Why Choose Window Sensors?

There are plenty of good reasons to choose window sensors, but the main reason is that they work. They protect homeowners and their property when it comes to break ins and other types of unauthorized access.

These sensors can be very sensitive, and sometimes they go off when they shouldn’t. There’s usually a way to adjust for that, as most of the window sensors that are used today have a sensitivity switch on them.

They can be set to go off when they are just bumped or rattled, or they can be set to go off only when the window is clearly opened. Either way, it’s important to have the sensors and make sure they’re working the right way. Most of them have what’s called a reed switch, and the reed moves and breaks the current when the sensor is triggered — such as when the window is opened. Then the homeowner is alerted, and they know that something is taking place that they should check into.

Understanding a Window Sensor’s Value

With a home security system the goal is peace of mind, along with true protection in a way that ensures that the homeowner will have what they need and feel good about their system as a whole. But the system can’t do what it needs to if there are entry points that aren’t protected properly — and that’s what happens when there aren’t any window sensors being used. It can also happen when the sensors aren’t working the right way, so it’s important not only to have them but to maintain them, also.

A Security Company Can Offer Window Sensors

Most people who have window sensors have them due to a security company that installs and monitors them. Some people choose DIY installation, but there are still monitoring needs. Along with proper window sensors, though, a homeowner should choose a company that offers:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • ease of installation
  • fast response times
  • newer, modern equipment
  • strong customer service

Understanding how window sensors work — and how they are incorporated into a good security system — is very important when it comes to choosing the right equipment and system. It’s also vital to choosing the right company, so a homeowner can have the protection they want, need, and expect.

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