Integrated Security Systems is a small family owned and operated home security company out of Columbus, Georgia. This company prides itself on home town customer service as well as providing quality equipment and services. If you are looking to invest in a home security system, you will want to first compare companies very closely to make sure you are getting the best deal possible. Not only do you want the best price, but you also want the best services and features for that price. Let’s take a close look at Integrated Security Systems and see exactly what you’ll get for your investment.


Security Camera Services

If you are looking for the most basic type of monitoring, then you will be interested in a simple security camera system. According to Huff Post journalist Janet Miller, security camera services can be a great way to increase the security level of your home, however there are also some considerations to make when going this route.

Make sure the camera you choose will allow you to set a unique and challenging password. Also, when shopping, you should look for cameras that are able to run some features locally, instead of relying completely on the cloud. Such cameras can keep sensitive data in your home, while sending minimal information into cyberspace.

Integrated Security Systems in Georgia does provide simple camera services for those looking for that service. It should be noted that a simple camera system will not provide the in-depth monitoring which a regular security system would provide.

Security Systems

Integrated Security Systems does provide full scale security systems for your home, however, what they do not provide is customizable budget levels to help accommodate specific budgets. This is surprising considering that one size almost never fits all. An ideal security system will provide different levels of protections for different price ranges. If you are looking for more flexibility, then you will need to investigate other alternative for security systems.

A Good Alternative

It is good to know that Integrated Security Systems is not the only home security company available. If you are looking for comprehensive security coverage at an affordable price, Protect America is your next step. Protect America provides flexible protection packages that can meet the needs of every family.

Burglaries happen daily, even in your own town, perhaps on your own street. The best protection against these crimes is to be prepared. If you have been putting off investing in your home in this way, now is the time to consider how very important your family’s protection is.


What Protect America Provides

Protect America provides basic security systems which includes:

  • Intrusion Detection
  • Door and Window Micro Sensors
  • Indoor Wireless Motion Detection
  • Live Video Surveillance

With the convenience of information available right on your smart phone, you are always connected with what is going on with your home. For families who are interested in taking home monitoring to a higher level, Protect America even offers home automation so that your home can truly become a smart home. Features which include lighting controls and lock controls put you in total control of your most important investment, your home.

Protect America is a great hybrid between DIY systems and monitored systems. The basic systems will include equipment which can be installed by the home owners. Monthly monitoring is then provided through Protect America.

Professional installation may be required for other services such as home automation.

If you are ready to take your family’s security to the next level, then it is time to call Protect America and get a fee quote.