Is there any industry in the world more active than that of technology? The technology sector is continuously growing, evolving, and maturing. Just looking at the state of our technological devices in 2018 and comparing them to 2008 can be a mind-blowing exercise. We are going to shift our focus to a more specific subset of the technological world: internet home security.


Internet home security is a cutting-edge industry that seeks to give homeowners the chance to seize control of their safety while allowing them to embrace the advent of the digital age. With so much changing and evolving, it only serves us right to take some time to analyze it. Today, we are going to be focused on the 2018 internet home security trends to be aware of that will help keep your home safe.

Rise Of The Mobile Phone

If there is one thing that we know, it is that people take their mobile phones very seriously. The state of our cell phones has been in constant flux over the years with devices getting smaller and more powerful seemingly by the minute. Now, mobile phones are playing an essential part in the prospect of keeping homes and homeowners safe from potential security risks. The rise of smartphones is the first trend for 2018 that we are going to pay attention to in this article.

Application developers are paying more and more attention to the mobile security marketplace. Phones help homeowners monitor the goings on of their system using home security systems connected to the internet. From checking in to cameras to looking at activity logs, it’s all possible in the palm of your hand.

Mobile phones play a huge part in our daily lives, but now they are going to play a significant role in how we approach the concept of our home security. Modern mobile devices, such as Android or Apple, are becoming mainstays in the age of home security. We fully expect more home security systems to craft applications developed specifically for these platforms.


Wireless Environmental Control

We fully expect more home security systems to start catering to other aspects of the environment within the home. This array of smart home devices includes a wide variety of different things, but mostly, we expect them to focus on temperature, carbon monoxide monitoring, and other environmental concerns. Users can access and monitor these levels by way of either mobile applications or an online platform, secured by their privacy details. We believe that the below list is just the beginning

  • Temperature Control
  • Carbon Monoxide Monitoring
  • Mobile Sound Control
  • Other Environmental Aspects

Additionally, we believe that users will be looking for security systems that enable them to control their environment by way of the internet. From setting the temperature to manipulating music from afar, we believe this will be something that most security systems will focus on soon. While this doesn’t have a significant impact on the actual home security system, we still figure that it will become so commonplace as to be associated with the industry at the end of the day.

Opt For Professional Security Monitoring For Your Home

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