Just like the internet changed the way that people work, live, and play, the IoT is taking that technology to the next level, signaling the next big technological revolution. Already homes are connected to the IoT. Cars are connected to the internet – even crock pots and air fryers! Hence, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that these massive changes will also affect the future of home security.


The IoT of the Future Will Connect Everything

Experts are estimating that over the next three years, the IoT will connect between 21 billion and 34 billion devices. A report by Business Insider predicts that IoT devices will more than double the number of traditional devices like Smartphones and Tablets. Based on recent numbers, it’s not hard to imagine.

“In 2015, there were approximately 4.9 million things connected to the internet. That number went from millions to billions in one year.” As of last year, there were nearly 4 billion devices connected to the IoT.

Home Security Companies Will Help Secure the IoT

Technology rarely takes a breather for security to catch up. All of these changes are happening against a backdrop of networks that aren’t exactly equipped to handle the load, systems that have a hard time “talking” to each other, and the threat of hackers infiltrating networks.

Stories abound where hackers have been able to break into home security networks and commandeer nanny cams. The “smarter” homes get, the more opportunities bad actors will have to do real damage to people (think door locks that are connected to the internet).

Home security companies will have an important role to play in helping to secure home networks that rely heavily on the IoT. Before connecting a device to Smart home networks, people should take precautions like:

  • Using strong 2FA authentication and passwords to secure networks
  • Paying attention to default security settings that are not as secure
  • Closing off Wi-Fi networks by setting up a VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  • Knowing exactly what all is connected to the network
  • Staying up-to-date with patches and anti-virus protection updates
  • Making sure devices are correctly connected to the network

When choosing a home security company, ask if they perform network audits and if they have the means to help secure IoT environments. Not all security companies are prepared to handle home security in the IoT age so be selective.


The Future of Home Security

There are many new innovations coming down the pike for home security specifically. More smart homes secured through remote monitoring will decrease the number of home burglaries. Facial recognition and fingerprint scans will soon be the new keypad entry. Learn more about protecting IoT environments. Get a free quote from Protect America today.