Home Security that Seamlessly Integrates with your Home Automation Systems

Raise your hand if you are complete Steve Jobs devotee! Is your entire home a sea of white and other sleek devices all with the Apple logo? If you are obsessed with everything iOS and it’s time for you to get a home security system, we have some great options for you. Finding security cameras that are reliable and also compatible with your iOS system is not difficult. In fact, integrating your iPhone home security cameras with further home automation devices is in fact pretty easy, as these cameras sync up amazingly well with your Apple device.


iPhone Compatible Home Security Cameras

It makes sense to find home automation and home security systems that are well-integrated and work together seamlessly. There is a wide range of security cameras that are a great fit for use with your Apple devices on the iOS system. Take a look at these three options, whether you are looking for indoor, outdoor, night vision enable, and even a camera option that contains motion detection. Using an old device to keep an eye on the dog when you are working late does not qualify as having a fully-integrated home security system, by the way! If you are looking for a better option than turning in an extra iPad, iPhone or other Apple device into an ad hoc camera, take a look at these options:

  •  Reolink RLC-410 4MP Super HD iOS is able to connect to your Apple device in about 5 seconds, and from there you can enjoy a constant view of your home from wherever you are. This camera is discreet, and of course, very well designed.
  • iSpy Indoor / Outdoor Cameras (with or without night vision) these little guys are great for really any use that you can think of. Again, they are enmeshed in the iOS system and set-up could not be simpler. We personally love the night vision, because it is remarkably clear, whether the camera is being used indoors or outside.
  • Reolink Argus – yes, another Reolink model. This brand is one of the most integrated, making set up a breeze. The Argus offers the added feature of motion detection as well as push notifications when the sensors are triggered.

Unfortunately, there is not yet an iOS version of 24/7 monitored services.

Yes, you can receive push notifications when your motion detectors are activated, but that is not quite the same thing as a direct connection to the local police or fire department.

Even though the majority of us are tethered to our smartphones during every moment of our waking hours, there are of course times when we are not reachable. And perhaps more disturbingly, there may be a situation when we are incapacitated or otherwise unable to reach out for emergency assistance.


Let Protect America Handle Your Home Security for You

Full-service home security systems are often preferable because they source the equipment for you, handle the install, and provide round the clock monitoring services. Interested in learning more about how Protect America can help you sleep better at night? Give us a call today at (800) 951-5190 or fill out this handy online form to schedule your free quote! We have over 25 years of experience and never charge an installation fee! Our monitoring connects your system to local emergency services providers so you will never have to worry again about a dead battery or having to be away from your phone for an extended period of time!