Technology is all around us–it’s even in our pockets. Using technology to protect ourselves, our homes, and our loved ones is something we are deeply interested in here at Protect America. Today we’re going to talk about some really useful apps available now on in the App Store for iPhone and iPad users that can enhance your home security and personal safety.

Emergency Call

This app provides you with almost all the emergency numbers you’ll need. If for whatever unexpected reason your security system is not properly triggered and you need to call emergency services yourself, you can easily contact them with just a couple taps. In conjunction with a Panic Alarm and/or a Medical Panic Pendant, all of your bases will be covered if the situation comes where you want to activate the alarm and contact the authorities yourself.

It uses your phone’s GPS to determine where you are and select the appropriate emergency numbers for you based on your location. This makes this app good for travel, too, since it will still let you contact local emergency services in many other countries (currently, all emergency numbers for the US, UK, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria are included in the app, but the main emergency numbers are included for many other countries).

You can also add your own emergency contacts to the speed dial list. The app’s GPS function also allows you to selectively send your location to emergency responders and other contacts.

Disaster Alert

Created by the Pacific Disaster Center, this app gives you a live feed of developing and active hazards. It reports early warnings of disasters so that you can be prepared for anything that might happen. We can’t control disasters, but we can control how quickly and how effectively we react to them.

Between early alerts from this mobile app and the location specific monitoring of your Disaster Sensor, you’ll be able to know what to prepare for far ahead of time.

ICE: In Case of Emergency

If you have medical conditions that would be important for a first responder to know from the start, this app is crucial to your arsenal of smartphone apps. It creates a lock screen that displays all of your vital medical information; you can choose to display blood type, medical conditions, allergies, medications, and any other information you deem necessary.

Family Locator

For families with smartphones, this app lets you keep track of where everyone is. You can share your location with specific groups or selections of people inside the app. This can be especially useful in the case of a fire or natural disaster. You can all check in through the app to help find each other and see if everyone is okay. Also, if there is trouble, you can quickly notify everyone in your circles of the situation.

Protect America

Finally, you’ll always need your Protect America app to access your home security system wherever you go. You can easily arm and disarm your system right from your phone, watch live or recorded video from your security camera, lock and unlock doors, and adjust z-wave thermostats, lights, and appliances. Have all of this control in the palm of your hand with just a tap.