Spotify is the go-to music app for most people when it comes to gathering music and curating playlists. On top of that, one of the main reasons people get an Amazon Alexa is so they can play music without having to dig through their account and connect their phone to some speakers. So it’s no wonder so many people are frustrated that they can’t get their Spotify to connect to their Echo. Using Alexa Spotify commands would take your music experience to a whole new level.

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    If you ask me I think Amazon should make the process a lot smoother. It’s such a common problem that their app should have a guided tutorial for people who can’t get it working. Some people don’t even have trouble connecting their account and have problems with the actual voice commands. So I did some digging to try and gather all the potential solutions to connecting Alexa to your Spotify.

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    Connecting In Alexa App

    The Alexa app can be a little confusing. When you’re connecting third party hardware, you generally have to go into the smart home settings and set up a new “Alexa skill”, but for Spotify you have to use a completely separate feature in the “Music & Media” section in your settings. I can see why they compartmentalize it like this, but if you ask me I think they should just keep third party things that you connect all in one place. It is important to understand the Alexa settings.

    After you go into music services in the settings you should see Spotify near the top of the list. All you have to do here is log into your Spotify account and accept their terms to “connect” with Alexa. It should say that your account has been successfully linked. At this point you’re pretty much done connecting. You can go ahead and “X” out of everything and go to the main menu.

    Alexa Spotify Voice Commands

    Once you have your app connected you should be able to play anything on your Spotify account with voice commands. You can just say “Alexa, play Spotify” if you want Alexa to play where you left off. Once you have your Spotify playing it should show up as now playing on your other apps. So you can always pause and change songs from your phone once it’s playing over Alexa. Amazon released information about the basic Spotify commands.

    Basic Spotify Commands

    • Alexa, play *song title* from Spotify
    • Alexa, play Spotify *everywhere*
    • Alexa, play *song title* by *the artist* from Spotify
    • Alexa, play songs by *the artist* from Spotify
    • Alexa, play *playlist name* from Spotify
    • Alexa, play *genre name* from Spotify
    • Alexa, show me *songs, playlists, genres, albums* from Spotify
    • Alexa, Spotify connect or connect to Spotify
    • Alexa, play Spotify (plays where you left off)

    You can also use the basic music commands once you have Spotify playing such as “Pause”, “Stop”, “Resume”, and “Mute.” If Alexa doesn’t recognize a song or command you can always go into your Spotify app and find the correct media you were looking for and then simply change the output options to play on the Amazon Echo. Then of course you can command Spotify from there.

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    Other Tricks for Spotify on Alexa

    Basically, you just have to add “on Spotify” with anything you want to play, which can be a little tedious at times, but it’s a lot easier than actually finding the app on your phone and connecting it to your speakers. If you don’t want to have to tack on “on Spotify” every time you want to play music you can actually set it as your default music app inside your Alexa settings. Just go back to “Music & Media” in your settings and tap “Choose default music services” and presto!

    If you have all of your settings correct and Alexa still won’t recognize your Spotify commands, there are a few things you can try. First off, settings it as your default music app should get rid of most of the command. Other people have solved this issue by switching the command around. For example on individual claims this is the only way to get it to work:

    “Alexa, on Spotify play the *playlist name* playlist.”

    Apparently this works for a lot of people, but still may only work some of the time.

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    An Amazon Echo Dot with a glowing blue light ring is on a wooden table.

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