Your home is where you lay your head, raise your family, and unwind after a long day. It is your shelter, your foundation, and where you have your peace of mind. A place that important in your life needs to be protected from intruders, burglaries, and outside forces that could jeopardize your home. When it comes to securing your home and property, you want to ensure that every inch of your home is protected. You and your family deserve a home that is secured, safe, and protected. While there are seemingly endless security options out there from sound alarms to intricate surveillance systems, you want to choose the option that is best for you, your home, and your family.

The Logitech Circle 2 is more than just a camera for you to check up on what’s going on at your home when you are away. It’s a major part of your security system that your home absolutely needs. Being able to have a crystal clear visual of what’s going on in your home when you are away is an invaluable asset. When it comes to home security cameras, the Logitech Circle 2 is the option that is a must have and here’s why:

Wireless option

Having a camera that is meant to secure your home is more useful when it is discreetly placed. A long flow of wires is not discreet by any means. The Logitech Circle 2 has a convenient wireless option that allows for the camera to be mounted on the wall and has a battery that can last up to 3 months on a single charge.

Indoors and Outdoor Use

Securing your home starts with the outer perimeter. Being able to check what’s going on outdoors with a clear visual is vital to stopping a situation before it happens. The Logitech Circle 2 can be used indoors as well as outdoors. It works well in various weather conditions without any issues.

Perfect for Tech Savvy Homes

If you are a tech loving family and home, the Circle 2 can easily and seamlessly integrate into the other technologies in your home. Link your Circle 2 to the Alexa Home device as well as your smart phone. Being able to connect your Logitech Circle 2 to your other smart devices make securing your home simple and easy.

Talk and Listen

Monitoring what’s going on in your home is not about just warding off possible intruders. If you have a family with small children or a couple of pets, you may want to monitor what they are doing by listening to and talking to them. The Logitech Circle 2 allows you to do that. You can communicate through the device in real time.

The Logitech Circle 2 is an essential part of any home security system. You have access to clear 1080p HD surveillance video, smart device integration capability, as well as the ability to communicate through the system. The device can be used indoors and outdoors as well as with wire connection or wireless. It is practically customizable for your home and any security system you may already have in place. The Logitech Circle 2 is totally worth every penny.