Having motion detectors is important. They’re a big part of a good system for home security, and they allow for a homeowner to get what they need in the way of both protection and peace of mind. That’s good news for anyone who needs a security system, but one of the issues these homeowner may face is where to get their motion detectors from. Among the options are traditional security companies and those that are more DIY in nature, but homeowners who are a little bit tech savvy can also build their own motion detectors by using Raspberry PI — and that can give them additional benefits from store bought options.


The reason they can get additional benefits is that they’ll have a better understanding of their motion detectors when they build them themselves, so they know about how these detectors work and they can adjust them if they aren’t doing what’s needed. That adds to the value they receive — and they can often build these detectors at a lower cost than they can buy them. Of course, they also have to figure out how to get these to work with other components, and in some cases that can lead a homeowner to using Raspberry PI to build an entire system for home automation and security.

What is Raspberry PI and What Does it Offer?

Raspberry PI is a home security and automation platform that homeowners can use to make their own devices and systems. From building a motion detector to creating an entire system, there are plenty of great options they can work with.

While it’s not for everyone, and being tech savvy is definitely a good idea, there are many reasons why Raspberry PI is a good choice for a homeowner’s needs.

Because it offers so much in the way of automation — and goes beyond just the basics of security — it can be used to successfully improve on a homeowner’s goals for turning their house into a true smart home. If they want a smart home and they aren’t happy with the options on the market, building their own system is one of the ways to get around that.

How Homeowners Can Make a Motion Detector

The right security system is the one a homeowner feels good about, true, but also the one that they can truly trust and rely on. If they’re not sure about the motion detectors they can buy, they may decide that building one is the right option for them. That’s an important consideration for any homeowner, because building one can take time and effort. It can also be trial and error, and may cost the homeowner more money than expected if there are problems with the Raspberry PI or the motion detector itself. Having some tech savvy is a good idea, so a homeowner can make the detector quickly and successfully.


Make Sure to Focus on the Important Things

When making a motion detector with Raspberry PI, a homeowner should carefully focus on the kinds of things that matter most. Yes, money might be important, but they should also look at:

  • quality when used
  • reliability and consistency
  • ease of creation
  • ease of use
  • getting the parts needed
  • how much knowledge is required

All of those things matter, and when a homeowner isn’t sure about building a motion detector they may choose to buy one instead. No matter which they choose, the goal is to get a motion detector they can trust and rely on.

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