Not everyone has heard of Raspberry PI, but for those who have they understand that it’s something they can use to make their own security and home automation system. Now that there are so many options for an automation system or a security system, homeowners are starting to focus on how they can build their own. It gets them thinking about what’s possible — and can provide a big sense of pride and accomplishment when they create something that actually works the way they intended it to. It’s not for everyone, but tech savvy people who want to create their own motion detector can do so.


Motion detectors are a big part of most home automation and security systems, and that’s because they can quickly tell a homeowner if someone or something is moving around where they shouldn’t be. That won’t give all the information, of course, and it could be a false alarm, but it’s still important for any homeowner to have the knowledge that a motion detector can provide. That way they get peace of mind, because they know that motion will be detected and let them know that they need to investigate. There are sometimes false alarms, but building their own detector with Raspberry PI may help reduce that.

What Does a Homeowner Need for Motion Detection?

Generally, standard motion detectors are enough for a homeowner. These could be store bought or something the homeowner built, but they have to work properly and they need to be reasonably priced. It’s also good to choose options that don’t have too many false alarms, because that can be both annoying and frightening.

Any motion sensor can have a false alarm now and again, but most well-built motion sensors won’t have too many problems that a homeowner has to deal with.

That’s part of the reason that some homeowners like to build these detectors themselves — because they want to be sure what they’re getting and that the quality is what they’re looking for. Then they can feel good about the motion detectors they’re using, and that’s a good way for them to get a truer sense of peace of mind.

How Raspberry PI Can Help With Motion Detectors

With security system options today, it’s possible to build motion detectors with a platform and code such as Raspberry PI. While it’s really not that difficult, it’s also not something that people who aren’t tech savvy will want to tackle. There’s some computer knowledge definitely needed, and it can be a trial and error process that can also become frustrating sometimes. But having the motion detectors that the homeowner wants, along with the pride and feeling of accomplishment that comes with building them, can be a great way for a homeowner to be happy with the detectors they have. It’s important to have a security system that can be relied on.

Choosing Between Raspberry PI and Other Options

Like most other things in life, there are options to consider. For homeowners who are comfortable building their own motion detectors with Raspberry PI, there are security companies they can work with. In addition to motion detection, these companies should offer:

  • ease of installation
  • quality equipment
  • strong customer service
  • fast response times
  • 24/7 monitoring

Without all of these things, a security company may not provide a homeowner with enough of what they want and need. However, it’s important to make sure that the company being chosen is the right one for that particular homeowner.

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