Pets can be a great addition to any home, but one of the problems with them is that they can be frustrating when it comes to motion detectors and a security system. Cats especially can be very problematic, because they tend to get up on things more than dogs — so it’s not just about whether they’re being noticed by the motion detectors as they make their way across the floor. That can be adjusted for, by keeping the motion detectors from noticing anything that’s lower than a set level. But that won’t make any difference if the cat jumps up on something — and leaving the detectors off isn’t an option for strong protection.

One of the ways to reduce false positive from cats is to train them not to jump up on things. However, anyone who’s owned a cat knows that — while cats are very smart — they really tend to do what they want instead of doing what’s asked of them. A homeowner who has cats can also get IR sensor motion detectors, as these pick up body heat instead of actual movement. With that in mind, they may be set where they aren’t so sensitive, and that will keep the cat from setting them off very often. But a bigger source of heat, such as a person, would be much more likely to set off one of these detectors and trigger an alarm.

Do Motion Detectors and Pets Mix?

Motion detectors and pets can be a good mix, but only if the detectors are installed correctly. Otherwise, the detectors will continue to be triggered by the cats roaming around the house. Frustrated with that problem, the homeowner might just turn off the detectors. That stops the issue with the cats, but it has the potential to leave the house vulnerable to break ins and other issues.

Instead of taking that risk, it’s much better for a homeowner to focus on how to make sure that the motion detectors aren’t being triggered by the cats when the homeowner is away.

There are, fortunately, a few tricks that can be used in order to reduce the chances of false alarms from cats triggering the motion detectors.

Adjusting a Motion Detector When Cats Are Present

With any security system, the motion detectors can be adjusted. They can also be mounted in different locations and in different ways so they can work better and avoid false alarms. One of the tricks for motion detectors when there are cats in the home is to mount those detectors in areas where there isn’t anything for a cat to jump up on — and to mount them upside down. Then they look up for motion, instead of down, so they don’t see the cats roaming underneath them. Trial and error will still be important, but this can help reduce problems.


Reducing the Problem of False Alarms

With proper motion detection, good security systems and pets can easily coexist. In addition to good motion detectors, though, a homeowner should look for a security company that offers:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • fast alarm response times
  • strong customer support
  • ease of installation
  • good quality equipment

All of those things matter in any security system, and it’s vital to make sure that motion detectors and other components are backed up by a company the homeowner can trust. That way there’s true peace of mind, along with a proper level of security to keep a homeowner feeling safe and comfortable.

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