The security system that any homeowner uses is only as good as its weakest link. For many homeowners, that weak link is the motion detectors. They’re either too sensitive, not sensitive enough, or simply in the wrong places to be effective. All of those things can be remedied, of course, but how to do that will depend on the type of system and what it offers. Some homeowners have a security and automation company that handles all of that for them — while others prefer to build things themselves so they can have complete control over what they’re doing with their home. That includes their motion detectors.

The idea of building a motion detector may sound really odd, but it’s something that can be done rather easily by someone who has a little bit of knowledge. A homeowner doesn’t have to be an electronics genius to build motion detectors with an Arduino, for example, and those detectors can be used to find any kinds of problems both inside and outside the house. It’s all up to the homeowner’s level of skill and patience, along with the components they have and how much they want to learn. If they’re dedicated to creating something great, they could actually design an entire system instead of just a motion detector.

What an Arduino Can Offer

An Arduino is a platform and code that people specifically use to build electronics and automation options. These can be simple little things, or more complex creations. One of the things they often build with an Arduino is a home automation and security system, complete with the sensors, hub, and other devices.

This may seem like a very daunting task, but it’s not that difficult to build simple things like motion detectors once a homeowner has done some research to figure out what works.

As they learn more about building smaller things, creating larger ones becomes easier, as well. That’s good news for anyone who’s trying to learn how to build a home automation system of their own, because they’ll want to have the means to do so without needing weeks or months of study. For tech savvy people, using an Arduino can quickly become second nature.

How Does an Arduino Really Work?

With security system options that exist on the market today, there’s usually a central hub and then a lot of sensors and detectors that keep the home safe. An Arduino is just a way for a homeowner to create this same kind of system. Someone has to build them, and there’s no reason a homeowner who understands the technology can’t build their own so they don’t have to purchase the equipment from a security company. When they do that, they can make their system into exactly what they want, and then enjoy having a system they understand and have complete control over.


Should a Homeowner Choose a Security Company Instead?

In some cases, it’s better for a homeowner to choose a security company instead of building something on their own. If a homeowner doesn’t have the time to create a system, or they’re really not tech savvy, they may just want to look for a company that offers 24/7 monitoring and motion detectors, along with:

  • ease of installation
  • good customer service
  • high quality equipment
  • fast response times

Those are the main things that are needed in a security company, no matter what homeowner is looking for them. These kinds of companies offer so much value to a homeowner, but there’s also a lot of value in creating a system on their own with an Arduino, as well.

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