A microcontroller is typically how motion sensors work. This controller detects the small movements that are needed to trigger the sensor, and that work to keep the homeowner safe and protected. With any security system, though, there are options to be considered and ways to make changes. One of the things that a homeowner might want to change is how the motion sensors are controlled — or they may not have a controller like they’re “supposed” to. That can happen when a homeowner builds their own motion sensors, for example, and the way to control them may not be the same.

But it’s important that the motion sensors are still controlled well, and there are options to take care of that even if a microcontroller isn’t available to the homeowner. That way they can continue to have good peace of mind, and they can appreciate all that the motion sensors have to offer in the way of making their home safer and more secure. It’s not always the easiest thing for a homeowner to use a different setup, but it can be well worth it — and sometimes also necessary — in order to make sure the system is giving them everything they need in the way of safety and security.

Choosing the Right Motion Sensors for Specific Needs

A sensor is a sensor in most cases, but some are better than others for specific applications and reasons. In short, not everyone has the same needs, even if they all need (or want) a security and home automation system. For homeowners who want motion sensors but who don’t have or want a microcontroller, there are PIR options that they can work with.

This is a good way to focus on how a motion sensor can do everything that’s desired even if it’s not the out of the box solution that can be purchased at the store.

Homeowners don’t necessarily have to buy something off the shelf or sign a long term contract with a security company in order to get the motion sensors and other devices they need to feel safe and secure in their home. There are other ways to find and have peace of mind.

Not All Motion Sensors Have a Microcontroller

The home security system is something that more and more homeowners are getting today. These systems generally all have motion sensors, but anymore they don’t all have microcontrollers. That’s partially because technology is changing, and partially because more people are building their own sensors and systems for home security. That helps them get exactly what they want, instead of only what standard, traditional companies typically offer. There’s nothing wrong with these typical solutions, but they don’t give everyone everything they need in all cases.

Every Homeowner Needs Good Sensor Options to Choose From

If a homeowner’s going to choose a security company to work with, and get sensors from that company, they need the right ones. They also want to loo for a company that offers:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • ease of installation
  • good customer service
  • fast response times
  • high end equipment

Most security companies provide all of these things, but some of them can be better than others. If the company a homeowner is looking at isn’t providing these things well, it may be time to get a different company that will have more to offer and give a higher level of peace of mind and security. That’s one option, as is building the motion sensors and system from scratch for more tech savvy homeowners.

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