One of the ways a homeowner can feel safer is to have door sensors installed with their security system. That way they have an additional level of protection as opposed to just the standard security options that they can expect with the majority of companies. With that in mind, choosing from the home security options available today is very important, as a homeowner will want to get the right one for their needs. But if the door sensors aren’t installed the right way these sensors aren’t going to be helpful — and that reduces both the value they offer and the peace of mind that comes with them. In order to address that issue, it’s important to have a better understanding of mounted door sensors.

What Do Door Sensors Offer?

When it comes to getting the right home security system, door sensors can matter. Especially for big homes where a door being opened in another area may not be noticed, having sensors is a great idea. Additionally, these sensors can make homeowners feel safer, and provide comfort and convenience that is hard to find without protecting all of the doors to a home.

These sensors can be tied into many different kinds of systems, and by doing that the sensors will be activated when a door is opened.

That activation can do everything from alerting the homeowner to setting off an alarm. Notifying the alarm company and authorities is also possible, so these sensors offer many valuable options. But whether a homeowner wants doors sensors is up to them, and whether the sensors are offered by the security company is something to think about when a homeowner is trying to decide which security company to choose from.

Do All Home Security Systems Come With Door Sensors?

Every home security system will come with a number of options, but door sensors aren’t always included. Some security systems simply don’t have door sensors, and some companies find these to be more valuable than others. The biggest issue with any home security system including door sensors is mounting those sensors the right way. When a homeowner doesn’t have a professional installer, they need to be sure they mount those sensors properly. To mount door sensors properly, homeowners should consider:

  • the size of the doors in question
  • the type of sensors that will be used
  • how many doors and sensors will be involved
  • how often the door is used
  • what kind of notification opening the door should create
  • how far apart the sensor pieces should be mounted

When mounting a door sensor for a home security system, one of the most important issues is to make sure the sensor sides are close enough together to work effectively. If they are too close they may not allow the door to open and close properly. If they are too far apart, they may not work effectively — and that can  mean missed alerts or warnings if the door is opened.

What Happens When Door Sensors Are Incorrectly Mounted?

Door sensors that aren’t mounted the right way are door sensors that aren’t going to work in an efficient manner. Obviously, that’s not a good thing. It’s vital that any sensors for doors in a home work the way they are supposed to, or there’s little point to having them. Incorrectly mounted sensors may also cause false alarms and problems with the security system as a whole, which could reduce the level of overall protection the system offers. In short, even the best home security system won’t work correctly if the sensors aren’t mounted the right way.

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