There is no time like the present to start taking care of home security seriously. According to government reports, burglaries are on the decline but there are still more than 5,800 home break-ins every single day.  Despite the fact that break-ins are declining, they are still a very serious problem for people who rent or own their own property. Knowing these facts can lead one into a spiral of panic, but that isn’t why we are here. Today, we are going to be discussing, in depth, the value and functionality that an HD security camera system can provide. We are going to break down HD security camera systems into several different categories so as to properly educate all of our readers. Without any further deliberation, let us begin this discussion.


Understanding HD Home Security Cameras

Video cameras are notoriously technical products in even the best of circumstances, but if someone is going to discuss them as a novice then there is a lot to learn. Home security camera systems have been employed in some shape or form for 30+ years. They’ve become the standard way that homeowners protect their property and their lives from potential criminal activity. With that being said, they are still difficult to understand.

There are pretty much only two universal truths when it comes to home break-ins. The first truth is that burglars tend to break in through the front door of a house. The second truth is that burglars will go out of their way in order to avoid homes that are outfitted with home security systems.

When discussing HD security camera systems, we need to have a foundation of knowledge so that we can properly understand the tools themselves before picking one to install within our own home. What is this process like? With so many potential camera systems for sale, is it even possible to break them down into something understandable? Let’s go ahead and give it a shot.

  • HD Cameras vs. SD Cameras – The first thing that most people are going to ask themselves is this: are HD cameras necessary? The answer is complicated and ultimately boils down to, ‘It depends’. We’ll go into this further in the next section. Just know that HD cameras = better quality.
  • Monitored vs. Unmonitored – The second thing that people ask themselves is whether or not they need an actual, professionally monitored system. We tend to believe that professionally monitored systems are MUCH better than unmonitored competitors.
  • Camera Quantity – The final thing that people dwell on is just how many cameras that they actually need. This answer, ultimately, depends on the size and layout of a property and whether or not outdoor cameras are going to be included.

Now that we understand some core components of an HD security camera system, let’s move on to how our readers can outfit their own system.

Outfitting Your Home With A Proper Home Security System

In order to properly outfit a home with an HD security camera system, readers must take some time to familiarize themselves with their property. This means that the size of the property needs to be measured as well as how many separate rooms and windows/doors needs to be monitored.

Once the size of a property and all of its angles are mapped out, customers need to start discussing their realistic needs in relation to indoor/outdoor cameras. For most people, merely monitoring the entrances of their homes is enough. Others, with larger properties, will want to consider adding night vision outdoor cameras to round out their security system.


Protect America Offers Professional 24/7 Security Monitoring

Ultimately, home security is a subject that homeowners have to take upon themselves to learn more about. After learning all there is to know, many homeowners will opt to have a professional home security monitoring company help them out. While there are numerous home security companies on the market, and many of them good, our favorite team is Protect America. Protect America has been servicing their customers with professional, high-quality home security solutions since 1992. Now is an excellent time to consider adding them to your home.

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