A Nest Home Security camera may seem like a good investment choice to protect a home because of its unique design; however, there are a few things that have to be considered about the self-proclaimed “new kind of security.” New is not always better – There are very good benefits to having a well-established home security system:

  • Costs
  • History
  • Value

First Things First – The Basics

To begin with, the do-it-yourself home security system has a starter price package (Nest Secure) of $499, which includes one Nest Guard, two Nest Tags, and two Nest Detects. The Nest Guard is the central hub of the system, and the Nest Detects are standard multi-purpose sensors. The Nest Tags are basically keys that are used to arm and disarm the security system. Additional Nest Detects cost $59 and additional Nest Tags cost $25.


From a Startup to the Marketplace

Nest Secure was introduced to consumers in Fall 2017. That’s not a lot of time to get all of the “bugs ” out to feel safe enough about valuables and property, while away. Within two years after a startup purchase by the company for $555 million, the intent was to have a product that could be integrated with all of its other security cameras. To Nest Home Security’s credit, it has done a reasonably good job with its efforts to accommodate consumers with similar products that already exist on the market. Nest Secure has been available for purchase since January 2018. Interested in a home monitoring system by a well-established company? Request a customized free quote from Protect America with no obligation!

Protect America has a proven track record for providing monitored home security systems and has been in existence since 1992.

Take a Closer Look

A Nest Home Security camera is attractive because of its streamlined and aesthetically pleasing design, but there are a few reasons to take a closer look. Most single-family homes require the protection of at least ten to fifteen windows, depending on a basement level, as well as two to three doors. In order to provide the protection that ensures absolute security, two Nest Detects are clearly not enough. The numbers just do not add up. When calculating the additional costs of Nest Detects, the starter package begins to look more like a high-premium package price! Additional Nest Detects could end up costing a homeowner almost $800, on top of the $499 for the basic system. While the new system is intended to be competitive with an established market, Nest Secure is not comparable in value or existence.


Protect America has a proven track record for providing monitored home security systems and has been in existence since 1992. As a nine-time recipient of the Best Buy Award from Consumers Digest, the company offers up to $1400 in free equipment with a required contract. There is never an installation fee with a Protect America home security system. The company is absolutely committed to home security and providing families the protection they need to feel safe from burglars. As the 14th largest residential home security company in the United States, Protect America provides continuous monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

The valuable benefits of a Protect America installation include:

  • Superior Customer Relations
  • Professional and Trained Monitoring Staff
  • Affordable Plans
  • Award-winning Company
  • Secured Contract

With plans that start as low as $30 a month; less than a daily cup of coffee, Protect America also offers a price match guarantee. If there is a deal that is priced better, the company will match it. Protect America even offers a lock-in rate, which is not offered by other home security companies.