Home automation is a big topic right now in the security industry. Many customers are asking about home automation services but are worried about the price. One simple way for customers to make their security more streamlined is to use keychain remote controls.


Key Chain Remote Controls and Your Home Security

A keychain remote control provides higher level control of a home security system. The most common version allows users to arm and disarm their systems with the single push of a button. This command will follow whatever preset general alarm sequence a customer has in place for their home. Wireless home security systems from Protect America include up to 15 door/window sensors, a motion detector, and a Simon XT control panel (including a rechargeable Simon XT battery). The arming function on the keychain remote control activates all these devices in one fluid motion. The keychain remote control also includes a single-push panic button that activates the security system and contacts the monitoring center. Within a few minutes, authorities can be routed to a specific location in an emergency.

Getting a Keychain Remote Control for Your Simon XT Wireless Home Security System

Adding a keychain remote control to the Simon XT wireless home security platform is easy. By calling Protect America, interested customers can include wireless keychain remote controls in their security purchase. During certain promotions, this equipment can be included for no cost. Customers can obtain these devices online through third party retailers but programming for a specific home security system can be problematic and troublesome.


Protect America Wireless Home Alarm Systems

Getting a wireless home security system from Protect America is as easy as picking up the phone. Order a monitoring solution from Protect America and a wireless home alarm system will be sent to your home for no cost. Other security providers charge unnecessary fees for installation and activation that take hundreds of dollars from customers’ pockets. Wireless home security systems are also adaptable and can easily support interactive security cameras, monitored smoke detectors, and cold temperature gauges.