Have you heard of a trendy smartphone app by the name, Manything? Well if you haven’t, you need to catch up asap. Take a moment to look over and absorb the quick figure facts below before we dive into the awesome world of Manything.

Quick Figures

Consider the two following figures pertaining to smartphone shipments in 2017…

  • Samsung shipped 317.3 million Galaxy’s (21.6% market share)
  • Apple shipped 215.8 million iPhone’s (14.7% market share)

The figures for 2016 are just as amazing…

  • Samsung shipped 311.4 million Galaxy’s (21.1% market share)
  • Apple shipped 215.4 million iPhone’s (14.6% market share)

Does your brain hurt yet? Well, it should!

If we only consider the top two smartphone manufactures for the 2016 and 2017 fiscal years (Samsung and Apple), we’re looking at just under 1,059 million devices that have entered the market. Now here’s the real kicker – the 526.8 million smartphones that entered the market in 2016 are a thing of the past and the majority have been replaced with an updated model on the consumer level.

So…what’s the big deal?

Ever wonder what people are doing with the 526.8 million “outdated” devices that hit the market in 2016?

Since re-selling your “old” smartphone is neither easy nor financially efficient, it couldn’t hurt to consider putting forth some effort and repurposing your “outdated” smartphone!

One such way to breath new life into your Samsung Galaxy S7 or Apple iPhone 7+ (or any other earlier model with a front-facing “selfie” camera) is to revamp the “old tech” with a nifty hardware/software package called Manything. This nifty one-two-punch surpasses the simplicity that meets the eye on the surface. Whether you’re looking to provide a strong sense peace of mind via improving the security web that looks over your home/business or if you simply want to make sure that Snowball (the 4th) isn’t shedding all over your new loveseat—Manything is a go-to option that is more than budget friendly with a Manything Free account (supports 1 camera) and subscriptions starting at $3.99/month to support multiple cameras.

Manything Features

Here’s a snapshot of a Manything subscription provides for a mere $3.99/month…

  • Live Streaming via the mobile app
  • Motion Alerts triggered when old smartphone detects activity
  • Cloud Recording to store your footage
  • Remote Control to arm/disarm your camera(s) remotely
  • Multiple Recording Modes: motion triggered, continuous, or still-capture
  • Clever Motion Detection based on detection zones and camera sensitivity

IFTTT Friendly

Oh yea, Manything is IFTTT friendly! Here are a few of the recipes you can concoct via IFTTT:

  • Control Manything via SMS
  • Set recording schedules
  • Count Stuff (how many times does Snowball lounge on new loveseat
  • General integration with Phillips Hue, Belkin WeMo, and Nest Protect

Closing Thoughts

All in all, Manything is a sound option for those looking to get a taste for home security without cashing in the bonds your grandfather gave you at birth.