Tired of paying too much on your cooling and heating bills every month? Don’t you wish your thermostat could just turn off when you left but get your home to the right temperature by the time you came back? These might be signs that you’re ready for a smart thermostat. It’s the trendiest development in smart home technology, and it pays for itself in energy efficiency. Here are 5 signs that you need a smart thermostat!


You Have a Unique, Adaptable Schedule

If you (and everyone in your home) have the same schedule every day, then a smart thermostat may not be the right choice for you. Most standard programmable thermostats can accommodate a regular weekly schedule. However, if you can be sometimes spontaneous in your planning—or if you simply have a unique and complex schedule—you need a thermostat that can keep up with you.

Smart thermostats are not only specifically programmable to accommodate any complexity of your 7 day schedule, they are also programmable on the go. Making last minute dinner plans and won’t be home until much later? You can change your schedule from your smartphone no matter how far away from home you are so that it will delay its heating or cooling until the time you predict you’ll be home. Always come home to a cozy room temperature, no matter how wacky or adaptable your schedule may be.

You Love Conserving Energy

Does seeing a green leaf icon make your heart happy? Are you always looking for ways to cut down on your ecological footprint? Not only does a smart thermostat save you money, it also saves the environment for future generations. Using a smart thermostat’s learning and programming capabilities can save homeowners up to 33% every year on heating and cooling costs.

You Rush out the Door

It’s enough to remember to grab everything you need for the day in the morning. Adjusting the thermostat as we leave isn’t always the first thing on our minds. However, that often means that the heater or air conditioner runs for the whole day while the house is empty. With a smart thermostat, you can make that change after you’ve left and gotten your morning settled. A few simple clicks on your smartphone, and your thermostat will know that you’re away and to conserve energy until you return home.

You Come Home Tired

After a long day, don’t you just want to come home to the comfy and welcoming air of familiarity? Always come home to a thermostat that has heated or cooled your house just right in preparation for your arrival. Adaptive intelligent recovery technology allows the smart thermostat to learn how long it takes for the heater or air conditioner takes to reach a programmed setting so that it can ensure that the temperature is reached at a certain time by turning on in exactly the right amount of time before the scheduled time.


You Don’t Have the Best Memory

How often should you change air filters? What about humidifier and dehumidifier filters? When was the last time you changed your air filter? If you can’t answer these questions, a smart thermostat can help. It can remind you when your filters need to be cleaned and changed. This will help you maximize the performance and efficiency of your temperature systems while conserving energy.