Wireless cameras are not only versatile and convenient, they are now more affordable than ever. In the past, security and surveillance cameras were only available for large corporations and very wealthy households. While security cameras are still not affordable for everyone, they are now definitely a viable option for a homeowner who is willing to invest in the security, crime deterrence, and accountability they bring to a property.

How They Work

What makes the best wireless outdoor cameras special is that they record digitally and can even store footage directly to the cloud to be accessed from anywhere in the world with connection to the internet. Read this blog article for more information on the difference between analog CCTVs and digital IP cameras.

The way they work is basically to record footage when they are instructed to record or when their sensors are triggered. The camera then connects wirelessly to the internet in order to transmit the video to the network. Wireless cameras use both the transmission and security features TCP/IP protocol, allowing for high speed transmissions, options for secure encryption, and the capacity for high quality video. In turn, you will be able to access this footage or live stream from anywhere in the world.

The video footage can be stored either on the camera itself, a network DVR, or on the cloud, depending on the capabilities of the camera you choose and the storage plans you put in place. Wireless outdoor cameras provide much flexibility in how you decide storage would work best for you.

IP cameras are especially useful for outdoor cameras because they don’t require extensive wiring back to a DVR; they will only need wiring for power. One consideration to keep in mind, however, is that they will need access to a Wi-Fi network in order to record and stream video. You may have to move some routers around in order to accommodate the cameras on the outside of the house, since routers are usually set up with only the devices indoors in mind.

Because IP cameras have more capabilities, are typically more powerful, record in higher resolution, and use newer technology, they are commonly more expensive than CCTVs. However, camera sales have indicated a clear shift in favor of IP cameras because of their advanced capabilities and higher resolution.

Where to Place Them

Because the best wireless outdoor cameras can be expensive, it’s important to place them in the most effective places to get the most value out of your cameras. Here are generally the best places to place outdoor wireless cameras:

  • Front and back doors
  • Sliding doors
  • First floor windows
  • Garage door/entrance


Getting good views of these areas will ensure that you catch any burglars or intruders as they enter your property. Because these are the most common entry points that burglars use, it’s important to cover all of these areas to make sure you catch them in action.

Of course, every home and property is unique, and every homeowner has different concerns and priorities. Ultimately, you know what the crucial views of the outside of your home that your security system requires.

Good luck and stay safe!