The Mini Keypad is a small, thin keypad that looks modern and discreet. It allows the user to enroll a single 4 digit code, and it serves as a convenient way to arm and disarm the main control panel. It’s basically like a satellite keypad for your Simon XT Panel.


Why Use a Mini Keypad?

Placement of the central Simon XT panel is important. You don’t want to put it somewhere too visible or accessible, or it would be too easy for an intruder to find and disarm or tamper with the central panel as soon as they entered the house. It’s smart to put the control panel deep in the interior of the house so that it’s somewhat difficult to find unless you know where to look. However, it can be a hassle for your day to day if you need to rush your way through the house every time you come home in order to disarm the system. Installing a small, lightweight Mini Keypad solves this problem. You can keep your central control panel in a secure location while keeping a satellite keypad accessible to your entrances.

All About the Mini Keypad

The Mini Keypad is 2 inches wide, 2.25 inches tall, and 0.33 inches thick. This keypad itself is not monitored or supervised. It serves only as an extension of the central control panel. It uses a one way radio frequency, which means that it can only send signals the panel; it does not receive panel status updates. This keeps the keypad simple, streamlined, and secure.


The Mini Keypad uses a CR2032 Lithium/Manganese Dioxide battery. You can add as many as you need to your system (we recommend one for every commonly used entrance and exit). The keypad also has a Panic function. If you press the Stay and Away buttons at the same time, it triggers the distress alarm, notifying the authorities in cases of emergency.

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