Do you have a home security camera installed as part of your security system? Do you think you’re getting the most out of it? A security camera’s first order of business is obviously being ready to capture any intruders on camera, guilty in the act. Your priority should be to make that task as foolproof as possible. However, beyond that, there are actually many ways that you can use your home security camera even when there aren’t any intruders.

Placement of Cameras

The ideal placement of your security camera(s) will vary from home to home, depending on the layout. The most common entryways for intruders are the front and back doors, the first floor windows, and any glass sliding doors you may have. Depending on how many cameras you have, try your best to find a location to mount it so that its view covers as many of these entrances as possible. If it is more efficient, consider finding a passageway or high traffic area where any intruder would have to go through in order to access the rest of the house.

As you move in, out, and throughout your house, keep thinking about the paths you are most frequently crossing and the views that would catch your person and face the best.  Because our cameras are so easy to install and move, you can try different angles and locations until you feel like you have the best view and location.

Another thing to take into consideration when looking for the best place to put your security camera is lighting. Don’t point your camera at a window because the backlighting will obscure any intruder’s face. Also, try to place it somewhere that is relatively well lit for the highest quality images.

Check-in for Peace of Mind

Our cameras provide 24/7 live streaming, a feature you can use even when you’re not being broken into. If you have elderly family members staying in your home, you could use the camera to check on them (especially if it’s aimed at a common area). If you have young children who have been left at home with a babysitter, you could check in on them, too. Or maybe there’s no one home, but you have an itching anxiety that something bad might be happening; checking the live stream could calm your nerves by reassuring you that everything is okay.

Afterschool Check-ins

If you have a young student who is supposed to come home from school at a certain time every day, you could tune in on your live stream to see if they’ve come home yet. I know we like to put rules in place like “call or text me when you get home,” but children are forgetful and easily excited. If you have a camera facing your front door, you can take matters into your own hands, allowing you to watch them come home and check if they locked the door. Once you see them walk in, you can also arm the security system on “stay” mode remotely from your phone to make sure they are safe.

Decrease False Alarms

If you get alerted that your home security system has been triggered, you can easily check on the situation with your security camera live stream. You can quickly find out that, oh someone just forgot to close the door or disarm the system in time—or someone busted the door open! Either way, well placed security cameras can help you reduce false alarm fines from the police by helping you make more informed decisions on whether or not to alert the authorities.

Good luck!