For homes with multiple windows in one area, it might not make sense to put window sensors on every single one of them. While arming each one of them individually is very secure, it’s very expensive as well. A more affordable solution would be to install a glass break detector in the area with multiple windows.

Shatter-Proof Your Home

Our glass break detectors use patented technology specifically designed using pattern recognition technology to detect the sound of breaking glass within a 15-foot radius. This sensor allows you to protect multiple glass windows and doors with just one device. Like all of our other sensors, this one is wireless and battery-operated. You can mount and place it in an ideal location and then wirelessly connect it to your security system.

Glass break detectors listen for three unique frequencies that are associated specifically with the sound of glass breaking. Because of this, glass break sensors can remained armed at all times (unlike motion detectors), and there isn’t much room for false alarms.

The sensor itself is 4.24 inches wide, 3.13 inches tall, and 1.70 inches thick. It uses 2 CR123A 3v Lithium batteries, and they should last up to 5 years. It is an omni-directional device, meaning that it provides 360 degree coverage, allowing you to cover multiple windows or glass doors with one sensor. It works with plate glass, tempered glass, wired glass, and laminated glass.

Stop Burglars Before They Get In

If the burglar is trying to get in through a window or glass door, they need to break the window before they can open it. They’ll usually smash the glass and then use the opening to reach in and open the window or door. However, the glass break detector will be able to recognize the break in attempt before they even open it! This will sound the alarm instantly, sending the burglar running.

It’s one thing for your alarm to go off when they’re in your home, but it’s better if they are still outside when it goes off.


If you have any other questions about glass break detectors and whether one would be suitable for your home security system, call Protect America at 1-888-951-5136 today!