So you’ve received your Protect America yard sign in the mail, and you’re ready to stick it in the ground to ward off intruders. Today, we’ll walk you through how to assemble your yard sign as well as the solar light that attaches to it, lighting it up at night.

Putting it Together

First, take a look at your package. The image above (in the header) shows an overview of everything that should have come in your box.

  1. Attach the u-shaped coupler to the bottom of the yard sign.
  2. Attach the stake into the u-shaped coupler.
  3. Place the rubber cap on the top of the yard sign.

Your yard sign should now be fully assembled. Here is a shot of what it should look like (without the solar light; we will get to that next):

Assembling the Solar Yard Sign Light

Follow these instructions to assemble and clip the solar light on your yard sign.

  1. Switch on the solar light to activate “automatic on/off” mode.
  2. Test the light. Cover the solar panel so that the built-in sensor will detect that the environment is dark and automatically turn on the light.
  3. Rotate both metal brackets to open so that they are sticking out from the device.
  4. Take the metal brackets and snap the knobs on the clip into the open metal brackets.
  5. Clip the device on the sign with the light facing forward.