Overhead garage doors are the most commonly overlooked entry point in homes. Oftentimes, even when a house has a highly sophisticated security system, the garage will be completely vulnerable. This can be a huge hole in your home security plans, since overhead garage doors can be surprisingly easy to open. Many can be manually lifted, the chain can be easily pulled open (even from the outside), and many garage door manufacturers use universal frequencies that work like a skeleton key.


A Vulnerability All Robbers Know About

Perhaps the reason the garage is so often neglected is because many people may not consider it as part of the house when initially thinking about their security. After all, if the garage has a door into the home, that could simply be armed with a door sensor, right? However, the garage commonly holds so many valuable items, since it is a popular storage area for neatly packed boxes of toys, tools, and lawn care equipment. Your cars (and anything in them) are also vulnerable. SInce it’s so easy to rattle overhead garage doors off their tracks, this is such an easy target for criminals and thieves. And once they breach the garage, they are too easily tempted to get into the house as well. Even if that door is secured, we don’t want them getting even that close. The best home security deters criminals. And if they are in your garage, the damage may have already been done. That’s why it’s important to have multiple door security devices in your garage paired with a good home security sytem.

Total Home Security

At Protect America, we believe in total home security, and our garage door sensors add great value to your protection. In addition, many people forget to close their garage doors from time to time, leaving this part of their house wide open for anyone who walks by. With these sensors, your panel will remind you to close it when you arm the system at night.

Completing your protection is extremely valuable and important. With partial protection, your home has vulnerabilities that can allow criminals to slip in. There’s nothing worse than waking up to find your garage door wide open. If your garage has things worth protecting in it, then we should do our best to protect it!


How Garage Door Sensors Work

Our overhead garage door sensors are wireless and easy to install, like all of our equipment. You simply stick it onto the underside of your garage door (on the inside of your garage). From there, it has the capability to detect the tilt of your garage door. Every time it opens, each panel of the garage door tilts to move upwards. The sensor communicates with your panel, telling it when  your door is open and when it is closed. It does this by notifying the system with its current tilt status at either 0 degrees (straight up, door closed), 45 degrees (door opening, sound alarm if system armed), or 90 degrees (flat, door open).

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