Having door sensors is a very important part of a good security system. These sensors let the homeowner know when the door has been opened or closed, and that can help them decide if someone is in the house without permission. The security system a homeowner uses should come with door sensors, and in some cases these sensors have to be a specific kind. For example, a recessed door may need different sensors than a standard door — and if that’s the case it’s important for the homeowner to know what kind of door they have and what sensors they really need.


A security company that comes out and installs the system can help with what type of sensors should be used, but if there’s a DIY installation that could be a problem. A homeowner should always work with the security company they’re getting products from, and if they’re creating a system themselves they should know that there are DIY options they can explore. A recessed door sensor isn’t that uncommon or difficult to install, but it’s always a good idea to make sure that the sensor is the right one for the particular door and the needs of the homeowner.

Is There a Right or Wrong Way to Recess a Door Sensor?

The right way to install a recessed door sensor is to be sure that the correct type of sensor has been purchased. That way there’s no risk of getting it wrong or having a problem with the door. The sensor will also work properly, and that’s important.

There’s no point in having a security system if that system isn’t working the right way. Because if it’s not working it’s not protecting the homeowner and the house like it should be.

Recessed doors are simply different, and when it comes to getting sensors for them the homeowner needs to buy a specific type. They won’t need to actually recess the sensor itself — it’s the door that’s recessed already. When looking for sensors, it’s vital that a homeowner understand the type of door they have, so they can get the kind of sensor that’s going to install easily and work correctly.

Can Homeowners Easily Buy Recessed Door Sensors?

With any type of security system, it’s very important to get and use the proper type of equipment. Fortunately, recessed doors are common enough that a homeowner can easily buy these types of sensors. Then they can protect their home the right way, and they don’t have to worry about whether their sensors are going to work or whether they’ll not be protected as some of their key entry points. By being able to purchase the right sensors the first time, a homeowner can get good peace of mind right from the very beginning.


What to Ask a Security Company

When working with a security company to meet their needs, a lot of homeowners will have plenty of questions. Along with asking the security company about the types of sensors they need, homeowners should ask the company if they offer:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • easy installation of equipment
  • fast response times for alarms
  • good customer service and support
  • new and modern equipment

If a company provides all of these things and has the sensors the homeowner needs and wants, they might be the right company to use. It’s not always about the highest or lowest price, or any of the other factors that people commonly site when choosing a company. It’s about the entire package — and complete peace of mind.

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