Remote security systems offer numerous benefits in addition to making life safer and more efficient and tend to offer more security than a traditional system cannot. For instance, an exposed phone or cable line on a traditional system is at risk of being cut or damaged outside the home, making it easier for burglars to bypass the system.


If you lose power, phone service or Internet in your home, a traditional system may not function properly. And from an installation viewpoint, remote home security systems are easier to install and can be configured to meet your precise security needs. Consider the benefits of having the ability to arm and disarm a security system from any location. In addition, when issues arise, it’s unlikely a technician will have to come to your home. Many security companies offer the ability for systems to be easily accessed from the dealer, remotely, allowing them to quickly respond and fix issues to ensure your safety is optimized.

A simple way to connect you with your home security system is to use a remote-controlled arm and disarm device. This type of device is simple to operate and adds much convenience to your life. Remote arm and disarm devices come in a variety of modern technology forms, like:

  • Wireless keypads in your home
  • An app or touchscreen on a mobile device
  • A keychain remote
  • Subscriber portal on the subscriber’s website.

The beauty of using a remote home security system is that as your situation changes throughout the day, you are able to update your protection to meet you and your family’s needs. 

Understanding the Arming Modes of Remote Home Security Systems

Generally, there are three basic arming modes with a remote home security system. While in stay mode, there are exit and enter delays to allow people to leave and enter. While your family is settled in for the night, an instant mode can be activated. Away mode is used when everyone has left the home. Panic mode is not a standard arming mode and is only used to alert authorities and emergency personnel of an emergency.

Convenience Features of Remote Home Security Systems

Once you become familiar with your remote home security system, additional functions can easily be accessed. Additional security detectors and monitors can expand your security and give you more control. For instance, additional features allow you to have instant access to photos and live video. Depending on the system you choose, you may even have the ability to adjust light settings within your home by turning on, dimming or turning off the lighting while you’re home or away. Temperature settings can also be adjusted to your preference.

Remote home security technology is especially beneficial to those who are away from home throughout the day and for those who travel or vacation frequently. Families who have children coming home alone after school or other household members entering while the parents are away will find much security in knowing their loved ones can be monitored remotely through photos and live video streaming. Caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients especially benefit from remote home security systems. “It’s kept her to the point where we haven’t even had to have in-home care yet. Our goal is to keep her in her home for as long as possible,” said the daughter of an Alzheimer’s patient.


Protect America: An Industry Leader in Remote Home Security

The ability to adjust settings and update your protection as needed on a remote home security system gives homeowners a peace of mind. Protect America is a monitored home security company and offers a variety of remote monitoring options. If you opt for a Protect America remote home security system, you’ll enjoy 24/7 professionally monitored home security service as well as no installation fees, locked-in rates, and a price-match guarantee. Even better is that you can take advantage of receiving up to $1,400 in free equipment.

Contact Protect America today to learn about our variety of remote home security systems. If you already have a Protect America remote home security system, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn more about accessing all of the features your exact system offers. We are here to maximize your security.