One of the most common service questions we answer is “How do I change my alarm system battery?”. Changing your security system battery is an important part of maintaining your alarm system. It takes less than 10 minutes, and can be accomplished by following our easy instructions.

Changing Your Battery

1. Start by powering the system down. Do this by removing the plug from the power outlet and disconnecting the white clips from each other.


2. Open the Panel and place a small screw in the top.


3. Please take notice on how the battery is hooked up and placed in the panel.


4. Note the two prongs at the top and bottom of the battery. Press them outwards to get the battery to pop out.


5. The battery bay will contain the red and black wire. Placing the back-up Battery above the Panel, remove the white tabs protecting the contacts, gently pull out the black wire and attach to the black battery terminal. Push the connector attached to the Red “Pigtail” Wire on to the red battery terminal. The Panel should look similar to the one pictured below.


6. Holding the battery, tuck and hold the scotch lock under the red battery terminal as displayed. Ensuring the insulation for the fuse is secured under the battery. Lower the battery into the battery bay, trapping the scotch lock against the front of the bay. The battery should click into place under the white tabs on the edge of the bay.


7. The Red “Pigtail” wire has white power connectors on the ends (as seen in Step 6). This is to allow the customer the ability to easily connect and disconnect the back-up battery. The white connectors have to be positioned outside the Panel for easy access. Hold the zip-tie and pull the wire through until the zip-tie rests against the side of the module bay. Place the wires in the gap at the bottom (top as you see it) of the Panel.


8. Push the white ends of the pigtail wire through the large opening on the right-hand side of the base. Locate the two notches on the top of the Panel. Lift the Panel and slide the base underneath so the notches fit in base securely as shown below.


9. Pull the white wire tight inside the Panel by gently pulling it through the back of the base.

910. Close the Panel and place a small screw in the top.


11. Power the control panel back up by connecting the 2 white clips together first then plug the transformer into the wall.


12. You have successfully installed the new battery the next step is to set the panel time.

How to Reset the Clock:

  1. Scroll up/down until the display shows Set Clock.
  2. Press OK.
  3. The display shows Enter Code.
  4. Enter your master code with numeric keys. Press OK.
  5. Press OK again. The display now flashes the hours.
  6. Scroll up/down to set the hours.
  7. Press the OK key to accept. The display now flashes the minutes.
  8. Scroll up/down to set the minutes.
  9. Press the OK key to accept. The display is now flashing the AM/PM.
  10. Scroll up/down to set the AM/PM.
  11. Press OK to accept. The display now shows the current time, and stops flashing.
  12. Press STATUS twice to exit.

Done! There you have it. Now you’re a pro at changing your security system’s control panel battery. Of course, we are always happy to walk you through the process. Just contact us and one of our friendly service techs will resolve any questions you might have about the process.