There are a lot of ways for a homeowner to have good peace of mind, and one of those ways is to be sure they have the right system for home security installed in their house. But even the best systems can struggle with occasional glitches and issues. One of these can be false alarms — such as a glass break sensor that has mistakenly gone off even when nothing is wrong. But how should a homeowner reset this sensor? That depends on the type of sensor, because the make and model can affect what a homeowner will need to do in order to get the sensor reset.

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    In most cases, there’s a tamper switch in the sensor — often under the battery compartment. This switch may need to be reset. Additionally, taking the batteries out and putting them back in again can work. For some sensors, it’s necessary to press the button on the glass break sensor a set number of times, pause, then press it again. That resets the sensor and allows it to continue working normally. Without knowing the make and model of the sensor they have, a homeowner can struggle to get the sensor reset properly — but a little investigation often turns up the answer for the specific glass break sensor they have.

    What Does a Glass Break Sensor Do?

    Glass break sensors are designed to let a homeowner know if someone or something has broken the glass on a window or exterior door. These sensors can be very sensitive, so sometimes they go off even when there hasn’t been any glass broken. Because of that, and because accidents and crime can all happen, it’s important to know how to reset the glass break sensor in order to arm the system again after any kind of event.

    Whether there’s an actual problem or not, ensuring that the sensor is reset and working correctly is what matters.

    That way the homeowner can get back to having peace of mind, and can easily rearm the alarm system so they’re protected. That security matters, and without a glass break sensor working correctly the homeowner could be at more risk than they would like.

    What Causes a Sensor to Malfunction?

    With a home security system, there are delicate electronic components that all have to work together the right way. When these components get out of sync or otherwise have trouble, it can be stressful for the homeowner. Fortunately, the sensors can be reset fairly easily in most cases — even if they have malfunctioned or they have been triggered by something such as a noise that caused a false alarm. While there are a number of reasons a sensor can experience problems, it’s generally better to focus on correcting the issue unless it’s one that continues to happen. In that case, finding out why matters.


    Talking With the Security Company for Options

    Among the options a homeowner has is to talk to the security company about their glass break sensors. If those sensors are triggering often or there’s a problem with resetting them, there may be something the company can do. Sometimes the sensitivity on the sensor can be reset. Homeowners should also consider choosing a company that offers:

    • 24/7 monitoring
    • ease of installation
    • good customer service
    • high quality equipment
    • fast response times

    With all of that in mind, a homeowner can find a company that will work with them on issues like resetting glass break sensors, so they can have total security, protection, and peace of mind.

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