2018 has ushered in a new evolution of home security systems. Automation is a trend, but also not a part of everyone’s lives whether realized or not. Home security is one of the most important things for a family to feel safe in their beds.

The Basics Of 2018

  • Protect America offers the best of both words with DIY installation, that has absolutely no fees or “professionally” installer required, as well as a professionally monitored system. They also offer the lowest monthly rates available, no up-front costs and a lifetime warranty. With a simple credit check, Protect America offers customers the best home security experience available.
  • Many families want a carefree and stressless way to have and install a security system. Frontline is known for their ability to approach home security in a straightforward way that does not confuse consumers. The drawback is if someone lives in a rural area, broadband and landline options are limited.
  • viVint.SmartHome is known for their energy efficient equipment and their advanced, but easy to use systems. However, they do not come without their baggageviVint.SmartHome does not offer a DIY option, charging for installation and rural areas are also an issue with both broadband and landlines.
  • The attractiveness of Link Interactive is with the fact they do not charge installation or activation fees and also compatible with the newest Z-wave technology.  The downside of Link Interactive is the limited customer service as well as the same issues not available in rural areas.
  • SimpliSafe says it all with their branding. The home security systems are easy to install, and no forced or required contract. What SimpliSafe lacks is the automation that so many other residential home security systems have adopted.

Account For Accountability

Every family is different, and every homeowner has different needs and requirements when it comes to their safety. Specific aspects of home security systems

  • The Customer Experience – Customer service is often the last element someone thinks about as they are choosing an appliance of any sort, much less a security system. But, the consumer’s experience is what cements a professional relationship and makes both the patron and business work in a professional tandem.
  • The Set In Stone Budget – Price is the first part of any purchase that makes a patron either run or stay. Affordability is more flexible than price.  But, flexible is not always a good thing.  Every family has a budget in mind, but not every person keeps it in their mind when making a family purchase. It should never break the bank.
  • Features Needed Versus Appealing Features – Newfangled features are always a temptation. However, not ever specialized add-on or extra equipment is required for every household. If not only for budget reasons, there are plenty that still may not be wanted.

Questions Consumers Should Ask Themselves

Any smart security system worth its salt offers components that work together in a seamless environment and can be manipulated using customized rules.

  • Is automation already a part of their lives?
  • Is full automation an objective of the homeowner?
  • Do they want their security systems to integrate with their automation systems?
  • Do they prefer professional installation over DIY?
  • Is DYI too big of a job for a single person?
  • Would a more straightforward security camera do the job they otherwise would purchase full systems to garner?
  • How safe do they want their things?
  • Is a video doorbell worth adding to a residential home security system package?

To some respect, everyone enters the unknown when making such a serious purchase to protect the most serious thing. A person’s family.


Protect America answers any and all questions. They also assist with step-by-step instructions on how to install new security systems.  It makes the DIY aspect that much more of a draw.  All customers are treated professionally and with the regard for the homeowner and their family’s direct needs.