When it comes to home security, most people automatically think of cameras and door sensors. And while many of the best home security systems do come in the form of cameras and sensors, today’s technology has revolutionized the home protection. You can now monitor your entire home via the convenient access of your smartphone and even raise window shades, unlock doors, and more. Another way that technology has evolved the home security industry is through the use of robots. Let’s take a quick look at one of the best robots you can use to help make your home more secure. 

What is the Mir-H Home Security Robot?

According to Domesro.com and Design Buzz, the Mir-H Home Security Robot is an interesting robot that could act as your very own butler. [It] could help you with many things around your home. It offers remote monitoring, security, entertainment and even home networking. It can guard your home in your absence and inform you about any trespasser via your cellphone or internet.

The Mir-H Home Security Robot is going to cost you about $800. Weighing in at about eight pounds, this tough little robot combines robotics with mobile technology, delivering you with an innovative way to provide first-class security protection for your home. The top four benefits gained from this small robot are:

  • Home security
  • Remote monitoring
  • Entertainment
  • Home networking

You can set up the robot so that it sends you notifications of any time an unwanted presence enters into your home. These notifications will come straight to your cell phone. By setting up compatible sensors, the robot will help you keep an eye on family members and pets. It has voice recognition capabilities, allowing you to easily play music and videos. You can even access weather, real-time news, and manage your schedule when using the robot’s VOIP feature. 

Benefits of Home Security Robot

A home security robot mitigates home security risks. As the robot patrols around your home, it uses its top-notch technology to record and trace activity occurring throughout the home. If a burglary were to take place, the robot would be able to capture footage that could be used as evidence for prosecuting the perpetrator. Because the robot is compatible with sensors, any intrusion of a stranger will send a notification to your phone, allowing you to easily and quickly alert the correct authority. 

Get A Home Security System In Addition to a Robot

Over the years, the topic of home security has become quite unpopular. Standard home security systems became a DIY task thanks to today’s availability of cameras and sensors. Lately, though, home security robots are turning the mundane topic of home security into something that is exciting. Thanks to enhanced features, home security robots are now able to do much more than just keep your home secure.

They are able to add convenience to your daily routine. From giving you real-time news and weather updates to giving you an overview of your day’s schedule, a home security robot should be a part of everyone’s home.

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